9 Pro Zoom Tips and Tricks You Are Missing

To keep in touch with colleagues and clients while working from home, your calendar is likely crammed full of Zoom meetings. The video meeting platform makes it easy to stay in contact with the individuals you need to interact with by allowing you to simply click the meeting link on your calendar. 


There are a couple of other things that Zoom can do. You can not only make video calls, but you can also mute noisy participants, show your excitement with emojis, and even use a Zoom beauty filter to look your best. 


These 9 Zoom tips will help you get the most out of your meetings.

  1. Every Time You Start A Meeting, Put It On Mute

Put everyone on mute at the beginning of the meeting to prevent background noise or late arrivals from distracting the rest of the group. 


To silence other participants when they join a video call, simply check the Mute participants upon entry box in your Advanced Options when scheduling a new one. During meetings, you can unmute yourself by pressing and holding the spacebar.

  1. Arrive Discretely At The Meeting

You can enter a Zoom call silently if you want to avoid making a lot of noise. Zoom used a little trick that you might not be aware of. This is a lifesaver when you’re trying to sneak in late to a meeting that’s already started.

  1. Easily Change Your Desktop’s Wallpaper 

In the event that you’re concerned about attracting the attention of your coworkers to your messy kitchen or living room, you can easily change the background of your Zoom calls. There’s no need for a green screen for this (though you can certainly use one).


Using your background, you can bring Hawaii’s sunshine and volcanoes to your desk or convince your coworkers you live in the hallway of the Stanley Hotel.

  1. Use Zoom’s Scheduling Feature To Your Advantage

You can schedule meetings directly with iCal and Google Calendar from Zoom’s built-in scheduling function. You can choose to start the meeting with video on or off (for both you and the participants), what types of audio sources are allowed, and whether or not your Personal Meeting ID is used (a dedicated number for your own room). 


Other video conferencing services do not provide these thoughtful options in the scheduling setup screen.

  1. Set Up A Mobile Calendar To Remind You Of Meetings

A single missed meeting can cause you to worry about forgetting to notify others of upcoming events. Set up meeting reminders on your phone if you’re worried about missing Zoom meetings because of time zone differences or a busy schedule.

  1. Keep A Check At The Attendees’ List

Take the example of a university lecture or safety training session explaining the difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic where Zoom is required to be used. You’re probably curious about who will be there. Once the meeting is over, you’ll be able to find out this information in a report.


All meetings’ attendees can be found under Zoom Account Management > Reports. Find the Usage Reports option, click Meeting to locate the meeting you’re interested in, choose the report type and date range, and finally, generate the report.

  1. Video Should Always Be Turned Off

We’ve found that turning it off can improve the quality of the call if the video isn’t absolutely necessary. There is an option in the call settings menu to turn this feature off when you enter the call (it can be turned back on later).


When you’re on a Zoom call, simply click the arrow next to the cameras for zoom meetings to access the video settings. Make sure you have the right led lights ideas implemented to look best at the meeting. 

  1. Keep Minutes Of All Meetings

All plans, including the free one, include the ability to record your meeting in MP4 format. You can record meetings and then upload them to YouTube or share them on social media at a later time. Alternatively, you can simply use the recordings as references when writing a case study and evaluate your website’s usefulness and user feedback.


Text chat will also be recorded because you can’t replay a live event on a social network like you can with an audio or video stream.

  1. Transcribing Meetings Automatically

Take notes or create closed captions for later review by transcribing Zoom presentations and meetings. Because you can only transcribe videos that have been saved in the cloud with paid Business, Education, or Enterprise plans, this feature isn’t available to everyone. 


A third-party transcription tool like Otter.ai can be used for local Zoom recordings.


If you’re looking for a way to hold video meetings, we highly recommend checking out Zoom. We hope these tips will help you get as much enjoyment out of it. In a short amount of time, you will have the ability to meet with the same ease as you did in person.


So that nobody is left in the dark about the new remote world, spread the word about these helpful hints throughout your organization. In order to ease the transition, we can all pool our resources and knowledge.