Dubai might be known as expensive and one of the luxurious cities, which may be true. However, the lavish lifestyle it offers makes it seem that Dubai has a lot to explore. From its apartments to malls, everything is to be wondered about. Places like villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah and Burj khalifa are so eye-catching that every person wants to visit it. The luxury of Dubai and the places are also quite amazing.

It is necessary to follow some tips while visiting Dubai, not only places but if you follow these tips your trip can be extremely enjoyable.


Here is a complete tour guide to Dubai:



In July and August, the temperature is above 45 degrees centigrade and it is extremely humid. Therefore, the best option is to find indoor activities to make sure that you have an enjoyable stay. For instance, you can visit the mall of Dubai, as it provides centralised air conditioning.



Dubai has two sets of morals, one is the places where you hang out with your friends. In such spots, you can dress in a way that you deem approproate. On the other hand, there are some places with a really conservative mindset, however, there are no restrictions in what you can wear.



You cannot drink and drive in Dubai. There is zero tolerance for alcohol.  Like other countries, you are not tested for alcohol consumption every time, but if you have an accident and alchohol is detected in your system, the crime would be persecuted by the court of law.

The same goes for drugs, there is zero-tolerance for drugs in Dubai. Even if you are found with 0.1 gram of weed at the airport customs, you would be charged and jailed for a long duration.



There are plenty of things you can do in Dubai, such as a trip to Musandam, a desert safari, or maybe going to the Sheikh Zayed mosque. You can go by taxi, as it is much cheaper to go by taxi rather than renting a car.

Some of the popular fun activities are

  • Climb the tallest building on earth-Burj khalifa.
  • Hot air balloon, desert safari, or quad biking.
  • Dubai Aquarium and Burj Khalifa Combo tickets
  • Premium red dines camel safari and bbq – desert activities.
  • Speedboat tour around the marina, palm, and Burj al Arab.



Dubai is an internet censored city, it means that many websites you use regularly are blocked such as

  • Skype
  • Whatsapp calls
  • Tinder
  • Google hangouts

You may need a VPN in order to access some websites.




Metro – Metro in Dubai is very modern, air-conditioned and can take you to the tourist sites. It is not much expensive, a single ride can cost AED 1.84. The places in Dubai are situated a distance, so it might take you some time. The metro goes to the common touristic sites, so it can make your trip limited.


Taxi – The prices are not that expensive if you count the price per kilometre but the distances are long so it makes it a little bit costly. The shortest ride can cost around 15 AED.



If you are planning to go out of Dubai then you can rent out a car because public transport is not that convenient for this type of travel. The gas is cheaper and the rent is not that high. You will need a valid international driving license to drive in or outside the city.



is a very huge city and has plenty of places to live, along with hundreds of hotels. You can stay anywhere depending upon how you have planned your trip and what your budget is. Prices can vary on the basis of place and hotel.

You just have to plan your trip and select the place for your stay very carefully, the place you are selecting to stay must be close to the places you planned to visit in .


Dubai is a must-visit place. If you are planning to go on vacation or if you are planning to celebrate the new year out of your country, then Dubai is our highest recommendation. There are also some places that are left unmentioned like Jumeirah beach and Madinat Jumeirah living. Check out luxury villas for sale in Dubai. One must visit Dubai once in a life and enjoy the luxury and comfort of such a great city.

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