Angel Figurine Collection

Angel figurines enchant our imagination and remind us that loved ones may no longer be with us physically, yet remain present spiritually. You’ll find these stunning collectible angels available in numerous styles and designs made of materials like resin, porcelain and glass – the possibilities are truly limitless!


Swarovski Crystals are world renowned Austrian crystal brands, known for their intricate and elegant designs. You can find Swarovski crystals everywhere from jewelry to architecture; and are used by top fashion designers. Additionally, Atelier Swarovski offers home products incorporating their crystals.

This Christmas angel figurine will add a heavenly touch to your holiday decorations. Crafted of long-lasting resin and lovingly hand painted, this figurine also comes equipped with a wind-up musical mechanism which plays “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.”

Karen Hahn’s exquisite angel figurines showcase luxurious gowns and distinct facial characteristics, all created from stone resin with a smooth finish and finished off by sparkling crystal detailing. Karen offers four seasons angels, Easter angels, patriotic angels and Heartwood Creek Angels as unique collectible items – making each perfect gifts or collector items!


Lladro has long been recognized for producing exquisite porcelain figurines that not only look stunning, but are highly collectable as well. Common figurines typically sell for $10-20 while rarer or more elaborate pieces can fetch much higher resale prices on secondary market sites.

For an authentic piece, first check its base for a manufacturer’s mark such as Lladro’s name or production year stamps on its base. If this exists, this signifies it as being genuine. Other marks that indicate Lladro include blue stamps and production years that identify it.

Once a sculptor finishes their model, it is then sent off to a decorator for painting. His or her job is to develop a color palette that enhances and highlights its features while following one simple rule: Color should not fight form but rather bring out its features – which requires special skills and sensitivity from this person.

Jay Strongwater

Jay Strongwater is a designer who creates elegant home decor items adorned with Swarovski crystal. Every frame, figurine and ornament created goes through an exhaustive design process before being handcrafted by some of the world’s finest artisans and signed off by Strongwater himself before arriving as part of a gift box with their customers who say they can feel his signature touch on each work of art.

As well as their angel figurine collection, the company also produces frames, fireplace screens, decorative boxes and jewelry priced in the thousands of dollars and sold globally – they can even be found at luxury stores like Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale’s!

Winged angel figurines are among the most beloved collectible Angel Figurines, and are typically constructed of porcelain, ceramic or glass. Perfect for display on mantels or tables as gifts on special occasions – an online marketplace or dedicated store can provide them at reasonable rates.

Fitz & Floyd

Fitz and Floyd has long been recognized for its hand-painted ceramic giftware, dinnerware, tabletop products and decorative accessories. Operating out of its Dallas studios since 1959, Fitz and Floyd creates nearly 500 new designs each year – they have even been utilized by presidents, royalty and style-savvy consumers across America!

Fitz and Floyd offers dinnerware and china patterns featuring floral, fauna or other subjects such as Fleur Orientale, Golden Heron and Vegetable Harvest designs that depict garden vegetable shapes on white backgrounds. Some of their most favored designs include Fleur Orientale, Golden Heron and Vegetable Harvest; each feature floral or fauna designs that stand out.

When shopping for vintage Fitz and Floyd figures, pay careful attention to design details to determine age and value. Production years should be written using Roman numerals; other distinguishing marks include the Fitz and Floyd stamp and capital “FF.” Keep an eye out for limited edition Charming Tails pieces which feature woodland animals with human characteristics engaging in human activities.