Automatic Can Seamer Machine

The machine will seal a can in a matter of seconds. It is easy to use and has a great industrial look.

A can seaming machine hermetically seals a lid to the body of a container during packaging using a double seam. It can seal cans made from aluminum, tin, glass, PET, and plastic.

Automatically Seams Cans

A can seamer is a machine that uses rollers and motors to automatically create an airtight seal on the top of a can. This allows cans to be stored for much longer periods of time without spoiling or degrading in quality.

Can seamer machines are most efficient when they’re used with cans and lids that are already in a ready-to-seal state. They also require regular maintenance to ensure that they’re working properly and aren’t prone to breaking down.

This can seamer from BestEquip is finished in an attractive shade of blue and comes with a handy set of electronic scales. It’s a bit bulky, though, and it won’t fit under wall cupboards in most kitchens. It also doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so you’ll need to spend a little time getting familiar with how to use it. It does, however, have a convenient power switch and foot pedal that makes it easy to operate.

Easy to Operate

Unlike semi-automatic can sealing equipment that requires a footswitch or push button for operation, automatic sealer machines are entirely self-operating and require no human intervention. This allows them to provide consistent and hermetic seals for a wide range of can diameters without any changes to machine settings.

These machines can also help reduce the risk of product loss by ensuring that all parts are properly sealed and tightened. Additionally, they can help to improve the shelf life of products by reducing their exposure to oxygen and other contaminants.

Lastly, these machines can be used to reduce production costs by eliminating the need for manual labor. Ultimately, this can lead to higher profits for manufacturers and consumers alike. In addition, the ease of use and maintenance of these machines make them an excellent choice for any manufacturer looking to streamline their packaging process.

Easy to Maintain

In order to keep the Automatic Can Seamer Machine running smoothly, it is important to perform regular maintenance. This includes inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and replacing worn-out parts. This will help prevent breakdowns and improve overall performance. It is also a good idea to keep a record of the maintenance schedule and procedures. This will help you track trends that may lead to breakdowns in the future.

The main feature of a can seamer is its double seal. This helps to minimize dissolved oxygen pickup, which degrades can shelf stability. It is a very important factor in craft brewing, where can integrity is critical.

A can seamer is an ideal solution for businesses that require high-volume production. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for operators to use. Its non-rotary machine design and stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and sanitize. It also has a built-in counter that allows users to see how many cans have been sealed.


A fully automatic can seamer machine is designed to seal containers with a fast speed. It is ideal for industries with high production demands. This type of machine can handle various container shapes and sizes. It uses a rotary design to seam the cans and performs the sealing operation while the cans rotate around. It can also handle different can diameters and heights.

Compared to a semi-automatic can seamer, the full automatic machines require less interaction with the operator. This means the operator only needs to supply lids and start the process by pressing a button or footswitch. These can be used for small industrial productions, market tests, labs, and technical schools/universities.

The can seamer is easy to operate and maintain. Its top features a drill bit end that easily secures to the chuck of a standard power drill. The operator can use any drill with a minimum speed of 300 rpm to seam the cans.