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Bay News 9 is a cable news television network based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Owned by Charter Communications, the station serves Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Polk, Pasco, and Hernando counties. The network is available in Spanish and English. It offers a variety of local and regional news. The station’s content is updated on a daily basis. It features news stories from all over the region, including news from the Tampa Bay area and the world.

Your Morning News

Your Morning News is a news program on Bay Area television that airs in San Francisco. Originally, the program aired five times a day from 5 to 9 a.m. It is accompanied by a traffic report at six o’clock each weekday and a weather report from six to 10 a.m. on weekends. Beginning in 2008, Bay News 9 began airing traffic updates six times a day, versus the four that were previously shown. Traffic updates are featured immediately after the weather segment, and once again at.30 past the hour, and at the end of primetime.

In addition to its morning news, Bay Sports Connection is a half-hour political discussion program that airs on Sundays at 11 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Featuring former Tampa Bay Buccaneer defensive lineman David Logan, the program’s host has a wealth of experience in local and national sports. The show’s newscasts are regularly interrupted by weather reports, press conferences, and other programs.

If you’re a family with young children, Bay Sports, Weather Wednesday, and a passion for sports, Bay News 9 is a great place to start the day. Kids can participate in a variety of activities on the station’s website, and newscasts are archived for replay. It also features regular weather forecasts and breaking news. Its mission is to make Tampa Bay as entertaining and informative as possible.

The newscast is broadcast in high definition. Bay News 9 uses HD technology and has content-exclusive channels and an On Demand section. The HD channel first began airing in spring 2006. Its graphics have changed from the old format to provide better quality images. It also has a newsroom with a faux balcony wall filled with pictures of Tampa and the surrounding area. It is possible to watch Bay News 9 live on any of the three TV channels, as well as stream live online.

Political Connections

Political Connections is a weekly half-hour discussion show hosted by Al Ruechel. This program explores the issues that may decide the election in 2022. On this episode, Congressman Greg Steube discusses inflation, roe v. Wade, immigration, and the aid given to Ukraine. Also, State Rep. Ben Diamond explains why he suspended his congressional campaign. Finally, Mayor Jane Castor discusses a project in East Tampa.

The Florida Governor signs a record budget and vetoes a record number of bills. State and federal gun reform is a hot topic. Also, Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie discusses hurricane season preparations. The show has a few surprises in store for viewers. Listen in and find out what’s new. There is something for everyone. And don’t miss Political Connections at Bay News 9 this weekend.

Bay News nine started broadcasting in 1997 and has been serving the Tampa Bay region with news for over two decades. In 2009, the station launched a weather radar called Klystron 9. It is the only news station in Tampa Bay with this weather radar, and offers news on health, science, and politics. As of September 24, 2017, Bay News 9 is owned by Charter Communications. It offers 24-hour news coverage and two offshoots — Bay News On Demand and Spectrum Sports.

Bob Martinez

Former Tampa mayor Bob Martinez has a long list of interests. He is a senior policy adviser at Holland & Knight LLP, is a director of the Hillsborough Education Foundation, and serves on the boards of the Tampa Bay History Center and Lowry Park Zoo. His political opinions and involvement with various nonprofit organizations have made him an effective television analyst. He is currently a senior contributor to Bay News 9’s political coverage.

Martinez was born in Tampa, Florida, and attended the University of Tampa. He later became a teacher in the public schools. In 1965, he became director of the local teachers’ union and was an active participant during the 1968 Florida teachers’ strike. Martinez ran unsuccessfully for the office of mayor in 1974, but won the next election two years later and was reelected in both 1979 and 1983. Martinez switched his party affiliation during his second term as mayor, upsetting Democrats in the heavily Democratic Tampa area.

While the office of mayor is nonpartisan, Martinez was known for his political views. In fact, he changed parties to become a Republican after meeting with President Ronald Reagan. The move caused much discontent among local supporters. Martinez later spoke at the Republican National Convention and served on the board of directors of the National League of Cities. While working as a newscaster, Martinez also served as executive director of the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

During his tenure as Mayor of Tampa, Martinez supported ordinances to protect waterways, including surface waters and wetlands. He fought for laws protecting manatees and dolphins. In addition, he served as director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy from 1991 to 1993. And now, he serves the public in his role as senior policy advisor at Holland & Knight. There are several reasons why Martinez should be an important part of Bay News 9.

Bob Buckhorn

The Bay News 9 station in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides breaking news and local news. The station also offers a national news segment, “The Nightly News Digest.” Bay News 9 has been a staple of the Tampa Bay Area news scene since 2000, and uses cutting-edge technology. They incorporate breaking news and weather reports hourly into their newscasts, and tape frequent weather reports for staff convenience. The station’s logo was designed by Atlanta-based J.C. Burns. The station’s logo has remained largely unchanged since 1997.

While most people associate a television station with one or two anchors, Bay News 9’s lineup is a unique blend of local news and national news. Bay News 9 is one of the few local news networks in Tampa Bay with two 24-hour sports channels and an on-demand channel for weather and sports. In addition, the station features a Spanish service and a web site. Bay News 9 also provides weather coverage and a 24-hour sports channel, “Catch 47.” It was later renamed Bright House Sports Network.

One of Buckhorn’s most notable achievements was a downtown Riverwalk along the Hillsborough River. The area had previously been occupied by a rundown rail facility, which is now home to multifamily housing, the Ulele Restaurant, Armature Works, and Water Works Park. Buckhorn was also instrumental in setting in motion the massive Water Street Tampa development, mostly funded by Jeff Vinik. The development is expected to take several years, with a cost of $1.6 billion.

Tampa police are investigating the hacking of Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s Twitter account. The hackers shared roughly 60 tweets before being locked out of the account. Among the tweets were racist and vulgar content. After Buckhorn won the primary, police were called to investigate the threat. Although he was unable to defeat Greco, the newscaster was viewed as a rising star in Democratic politics. The Tampa Bay Times published the report on the social network.

Dr. Steve O’Brien

While the Bay News 9 anchor is no longer on the air, he is still a regular on the network’s Spanish-language channel. In the meantime, O’Brien is continuing to provide insight into mental health and mental illness for viewers. As a result, the newscast has expanded its programming to include more mental health issues. Despite these changes, O’Brien is still an expert in the field and will continue to be on the show.

As a clinical pediatric psychologist, Dr. Steve O’Brien focuses on children and families in the Tampa Bay area. During his doctoral program at the Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, he developed an innovative course titled ‘Parent Consultation’. In addition, he has developed a play therapy app called Life@Home, which measures the child’s perceptions of family life. Additionally, he serves as a media consultant for Bay News 9.

In addition to news about health care and medicine, Bay News 9 has also introduced “Health Team 9.” This team of doctors and licensed psychologists reports on a wide range of medical topics. The “Health Team” was featured during the morning newscast and in the primetime newscast. It also featured a half-hour political discussion program called Political Connections. The program is hosted by Dr. Steve O’Brien, who is a passionate Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan.

Bay News 9 also has a weather safety program called Project Weather. The station makes appearances at schools and hurricane expos and provides weather safety information for students. The newscaster has also begun to hold regular SKYPE sessions with local schools and conducts weather-themed programming called Weather Wednesdays. In addition, the newscast also distributes weather-themed science kits to sixth-grade teachers in the seven-county viewing area.

Bay News 9 is a cable news television network based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The station serves the Tampa Bay area, which includes Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Manatee, Pasco, Hernando and Polk counties. The station is operated by Charter Communications. The station’s newscasts and online content are intended to inform viewers about local news events. Subscribe to Bay News 9 to stay up-to-date on local news events.

Health Team 9

Bay News Health Team 9 has been providing local residents with medical news since 2000. With his extensive knowledge of health, nutrition, and wellness, Dr. Brown has earned the trust of many patients in the Tampa Bay area. As a proud member of Bay News Health Team 9, he also helps people make informed decisions about their health. Here are some of the other reasons to watch Bay News Health Team 9 on your local television station. Read on to find out more about this award-winning medical team!

The team of experts on Bay News Health Team 9 consisted of a licensed psychologist and a practicing doctor. The team reported on health-related issues in a variety of segments. The health team also appeared as a regular news segment on the morning and primetime newscasts. They also conducted a medical beat segment led by the anchor of the nightly newscast. The team has made a name for themselves in the Bay Area, so don’t miss their next broadcast!

Changes in the news cycle

A change in the Bay Area news cycle began with a new show on Bay County’s Channel 9 in 2003. The new show, titled “The 7:00 News,” provides breaking news, top stories, and national news. “The 7:00 News” has replaced a primetime lineup that ran for a few months, “9 at Nine.”

Bay News 9 is created by Elliott Wiser, who was hired by Time Warner Cable to help create a similar channel for the Orlando market. The news channel later evolved into Tampa Bay on Demand and Spectrum Sports. Bay News 9 first began broadcasting on September 24, 1997, and provides weather updates every ten minutes, but more frequently during severe weather. In addition to breaking news, the channel also provides local weather updates and political events from the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club.

In 1999, Bay News 9 introduced “Health Team 9” to its news cycle. This team of medical experts included Dr. Randy Shuck, a practicing physician and a licensed psychologist who report on various health topics. “Health Team 9” was also a regular segment in the morning newscast. The segment was later renamed “Health Watch” and replaced by the new program, “Health Headlines.” Bay News 9 still includes the Mental Health Reporter, Dr. Joette Giovinco.

In June 2005, Bay News 9 moved to a larger facility in St. Petersburg, which is a larger facility that houses the latest broadcasting technology. The facility includes four studios, a web center, and two smaller control rooms. The newsroom also features a faux balcony wall adorned with images of the Tampa Bay area. While the newscasts are localized, the station is still committed to serving the Tampa Bay Area.

Changes in anchors

Originally created by cable service operator Time Warner, Bay News 9 continues to thrive under new ownership. The network also operates a weather channel and is available in Spanish.

Al Ruechel is the weekend morning anchor. Mike Clay is the evening anchor. Alan Winfield is the only anchor who covers hurricanes. Winfield left the station to join a religious ministry. In December 2008, Jen Holloway joined Bright House Networks as a marketing spokesperson. Erica Riggins took her place. The changes were made as the station strives to stay ahead of the news cycle. While it’s always difficult to predict a future anchor lineup, Bay News 9 has done a good job.

In June 2005, Bay News 9 moved to a larger facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. The new facility has four studios, a web center, and two smaller control rooms. The newsroom is furnished with a faux balcony wall that depicts the Tampa area. Earlier, the newsroom had a small newsroom. Bay News 9’s anchors continue to work alongside local journalists and news reporters.

During the late night hours, Bay News 9 no longer staffs its assignment desk and management. The newscast airs pre-recorded content from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. the following day. Additionally, the news channel airs weekend editions from six to 10 a.m., which is a great time for weather-related news. The changes aren’t affecting the news, though.

Content-exclusive channels

When it comes to cable and satellite television, Bay News 9 has a number of content-exclusive channels to choose from. These include On Demand, HD, and the Toyota Sports Connection. The Toyota Sports Connection aired from 1997 to 2001, and covered local sports and national headlines. The show was hosted by David Logan, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer who died in 1999. After Logan’s death, Rock Riley took over the hosting duties. Bay News 9 has since created a scholarship for Logan’s memory.

The morning show on Bay News 9 is hosted by award-winning anchor Erica Riggins. Prior to her current position, Riggins was an equipment engineer for a telecommunications company. She then pursued a career in television journalism and communications, eventually becoming an anchor at KXII-TV and a reporter for News 8 Austin, a 24-hour news channel. Her experience has helped her land several high-profile jobs.

A team of medical experts called the “Health Team 9” joined Bay News 9 in 1999. Six licensed physicians and one health reporter covered medical headlines during prime time. These reports were typically four to five minutes long and featured expert medical analysis. The other channel, “Extra on Special Assignment,” focuses on fluff stories.

On Demand services

. Time Warner Cable was building a similar news channel in Orlando and hired Wiser. Later, he created Tampa Bay on Demand and Spectrum Sports. The network first began broadcasting in September 1997. It has become a staple in the Tampa Bay area and features local news, sports, and weather. During severe weather, it gives updates every 10 minutes.

With Bay News 9, you can watch live newscasts and other on-demand shows. The station’s on-demand service features long-form news content, as well as press conferences. Bay News 9 is also celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. To watch live newscasts, go online or call the station’s toll free number. The newscasts are free and broadcast in HD for customers who subscribe to the channel.

Bay News 9 is home to three bureaus serving the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa Bay bureau is located in the Carillon studios, while the Pasco County bureau is in “The Ledger” newsroom in Lakeland. It also produces feature reports for sister station News 13, which is based in Orlando. In December 2010, Bright House began carrying News 13 in Tampa, and in Central Florida, the station added Bay News 9 to their digital system on digital channel 1209.

Bay News 9’s weather forecast offers up-to-the-minute updates of Tampa Bay and the surrounding area. Other features of its on-demand weather service include interactive storm tracker, Marine Forecast, and Klystron 9 radar. In addition, the weather forecast mentions Hurricane shelters and evacuation zones across different counties in Tampa Bay.