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For us non-veggie lover chicken is nearly our staple food, and our #1 or would it be advisable for me I say our public bird. At the point when we go to a café we ensure that we most certainly request no less than one chicken dish from the menu, whether it is as Tikka, Tandoori, Gravy, Grilled, Baked and, surprisingly, Fried. be in While the vast majority would feel that chicken is about spread chicken or baked chicken, this meat can in any case concoct such countless flexible dishes culinary experts ought to place their entire being into making one. Bubbling delicate, succulent and delicious bits of chicken with an exceptional fragrance in a pot loaded up with sauce is sufficient to set the sense of taste of a chicken darling ablaze. Best restaurants in Delhi

Try to attempt these best chicken dishes in Delhi. From the best Tandoori Chicken in Delhi to the best Biryani in Old Delhi, these eateries present flavourful chicken dishes. Follow prozgo to know more.

Al Jawahar

Al Jawahar is one of my #1 spots to eat Mughlai food. Anything dishes you browse the menu, it is heavenly and won’t frustrate you. They serve an assortment of chicken curries going from Chicken Jahangiri, Chicken Mughlai, Chicken Curry, Chicken Masala, Chicken Changji to Chicken Kalimirch.

Of every one of these, I like Chicken Jahangiri and Chicken Changji the most. Both the dishes are real and delightful with delicious bits of chicken. Somewhat slick, however loaded with flavors and flavors. Quite possibly the most suggested place for non-vegan food sweethearts. Also, check out what is ramp food.

Moti Mahal

This prestigious café presented the culinary idea of Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken. The café is more than eighty years old, yet they serve the absolute most delicious roasted dishes around. They likewise serve Chicken Afghani, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Burra, Garlic Chicken Tikka, Reshmi Kebab, Hariyali Kebab, Chicken Seek Kebab and Tangri Kebab.

The delicate bits of chicken are marinated for the time being and afterward sluggish cooked in an oven. Chicken is barbecued so that the external shell is scarcely cooked while the internal part is delicious and delicate. Besides, the rub of rich Indian flavors gives it a particular flavor.

Andhra Bhavan

You probably won’t completely accept that it, however most places for “veg thali” likewise serve incredibly delightful chicken fry and that too in legitimate Andhra style. The delicate bits of chicken are cooked with a lot of flavors and curry passes on local to South India. The taste is evident.

Loaded down with finely slashed onions and provincial flavors, this dish tastes scrumptious. Remember that chicken fry has a ton of flavor and eating it with steamed rice is ideal.


No presentation required – an eminent spot serving true Mughlai food. The following time you visit this spot, do attempt their extraordinary Chicken Seek Kebabs. Indeed! Rich seekh kebabs produced using chicken. Slow-barbecued in an oven, seekh kebabs are especially very much made and mixed with probably the best flavors to be tracked down in the city.

The look for is incredibly succulent and melts in the mouth when it chomps. A plate of chicken seekh kebabs is presented with onions, chillies and a wedge of lemon. I would likewise suggest their Mutton Korma with Tandoori Roti.

Aslam chicken

You can’t miss Aslam Chicken in Old Delhi. For almost twenty years, this shop has been an undisputed top choice for some. Aslam is renowned for its novel readiness of Chicken Butter Tandoori Chicken or Ghee Roast Chicken. The chicken is first barbecued completely in an oven and afterward washed in margarine – pour a major block of Amul spread over the chicken pieces.

Chicken is presented with roomali roti. The last taste is incredibly tasty. They sell delish chicken in various parts – quarter chicken, half chicken, 3 piece chicken and entire chicken. enthusiastically suggested.

Babu Shahi Chef or Matka Peer Biryani

Babu Shahi Barwarchi, prominently known as Matka Peer, is renowned for its biryani, particularly lamb biryani and chicken biryani. Biryani fixed in handi and ready as it ought to be, you can’t request more. Their specialty is biryani, which is impeccably cooked with long grain rice and delicate bits of chicken.

Biryani is made utilizing the deep rooted Mughlai cooking technique as it was during the Mughal time frame. Biryani is flavorful to such an extent that you won’t request raita or chutney.


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