China Adhesive Manufacturers – Your One-Stop Source for Quality Adhesives

There are many companies that manufacture high-quality adhesives in China. These companies focus on research and development and use advanced technologies to create innovative products.

Henkel industrial adhesives bond a wide range of materials to increase efficiency and enable sustainability in manufacturing. Their adhesives reduce noise and vibration in appliances, prevent costly leaks and streamline production lines.

China’s Adhesive Industry

Over the past few decades, the healthcare industry has expanded significantly, causing all associated industries to flourish. Medical adhesives, in particular, have thrived as new treatments and technologies emerge. They are used in a variety of applications, including the assembly of medical equipment and as a means to hold wounds together during surgery. Medical adhesives are available in a wide range of options, from silicones and epoxies to acrylic-based products.

Structural adhesives are also an important product type in the construction sector. They can provide thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as serve as fire barriers. Until recently, China’s structural adhesive market was primarily dominated by foreign companies such as Henkel, 3M, and Fuller. But, as domestic producers gain access to competitive technological R&D and independent innovation capabilities, they are gaining a share in certain market segments.

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China’s Leading Adhesive Manufacturers

The following companies produce the highest-quality pressure-sensitive adhesives on the market. Their research and development teams are constantly breaking new ground and pushing the envelope when it comes to creating innovative products.

Henkel’s adhesives reduce noise and vibration in appliances, help prevent costly leaks, and enable the production of lighter, more sustainable products. They also enable manufacturers to streamline production lines and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Jowat SE, founded in 1919 and located in Detmold, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial adhesives for woodworking, furniture, paper and packaging, construction, automotive, foam and mattress converting, graphic arts, and general assembly applications. The company has 23 sales organizations and partner companies around the world, ensuring local service and close customer contact.

Franklin International manufactures a broad line of olefin hot melt adhesives and cold glues for the wood furniture, millwork, construction and engineered lamination industries. Its product portfolio also includes packaging, paper converting and general assembly adhesives, as well as polymer emulsions for fiberglass fabrication and filter fabrication. The company produces its adhesives in drums, totes and jugs, as well as pre-packaged bulk syringes for the label and converting industry. The company’s syringe-based bulk products are offered in various sizes and viscosities to accommodate different application needs.

China’s Adhesive Market

The Chinese adhesive market has experienced a high growth rate over the past few years. The main product segments include hot-melt, solvent-based and water-based adhesives. Due to environmental policies, the industry has been shifting towards environmentally-friendly products. This trend is expected to continue for the coming years.

Adhesives are used in various applications such as building & construction, packaging/labeling and woodworking. Construction accounts for nearly 30% of the overall consumption. The growth in this segment is attributed to the rapid development of new building materials and design techniques. The use of advanced polymers and formulations have also contributed to the growing demand for adhesives in the construction sector.

The price of adhesives depends on the type of resin, film material and application. For instance, urethane adhesives are generally more expensive than starch or sodium silicate ones. The prices of raw materials such as crude oil are also major influencing factors.

The leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives include Jowat SE with its manufacturing sites in Detmold and Elsteraue, as well as producing subsidiaries in the USA, Switzerland and Malaysia. Jowat’s extensive range of high-performance adhesive solutions is used in woodworking, paper and packaging, construction, mattress and foam converting, and graphic arts industries. Its global sales structure with 23 Jowat sales organizations ensures local service and close customer contact.