Download VPN for PC in UAE: iTop VPN



Accessing websites that aren’t accessible at work, school, or in a particular region that has adult-oriented websites you enjoy is easier with iTop VPN for Windows (for those over the age that is considered to be at least the age of). Your IP address will change when you download VPN for PC and use it to surf the web. The Auto Clean engine ensures that your privacy is protected. Cookies and browsing history will be deleted when the option is enabled.


iTop VPN for Windows has a huge network of servers in the UAE and worldwide. Services that aren’t readily available in your area can be quickly accessed through this method. The software makes it easy to connect to a wide range of services, such as video streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer), well-known video games (PUBG, Roblox), messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype), and social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). You can get anywhere you want to go with just a click.


Full Version


Get a free trial before you spend money on the premium version. If you’re satisfied with the free version, you can pay a small fee to upgrade to an iTop VPN premium account. For customers’ convenience, iTop offers semi-annual, monthly, and annual subscriptions. The free accounts will be upgraded to iTop VIP accounts as part of the deal. With over 1800 servers worldwide, it’s possible to share unlimited data and bandwidth.


Free Limitation


There is a free Windows version of iTop VPN 3.0.0, but the data transfer is restricted to 700MB. It has servers in the UAE. You’ll be able to connect to specific servers with the free version. Connect to your preferred proxy server after setting up the software and downloading it.


Is VPN Permitted in Dubai?


VPNs on personal computers are restricted by UAE authorities and networks, such as Etisalat and Du, which severely restrict internet activities. VPNs, on the other hand, are essential to businesses and should not be censored.


Features of the UAE’s iTop VPN


●      Security Reinforce


iTop VPN for Windows users only have access to this feature. If this feature is enabled, data leaks are less likely to affect your computer. Malicious bugs will also be detected and dealt with immediately.


●      Ads Block


This feature helps block potentially harmful ads when using browsers to access websites. By preventing the appearance of pop-up ads and otherwise leaving no traces behind. With a single click, iTop VPN for Windows connects you to the most secure VPN network available.


●      Kill Switch


The Kill Switch feature prevents the VPN connection from abruptly terminating. iTop VPN will immediately shut down the tunnel, ensuring your data is protected until your connection is restored.


●      Split Tunneling


To use local internet access for other apps, you can use VPN split tunneling to route some of your traffic through an encrypted VPN connection. The ability to freely distribute, stream, and download content without interfering with other activities.




There is a free version of the most popular and the best VPN in UAE for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Once it’s been set up, iTop VPN will automatically select the protocols and servers it needs to connect to. “connect” will take you to a free VPN in the United Arab Emirates Read more