EICR Certificate London – What are They and What Do They Mean?

New government legislation stipulates that owners must ensure that all fix EICR Certificate London are inspect and test by qualified personnel at least every five years. The rule also states that homeowners must receive inspection reports and test results. Ship to each tenant within 28 days and keep a copy until the next review.

Important day

July 1, 2021-As of this date, this rule applies to new tenants who, as of this date, need the landlord to provide the tenant with a satisfactory EICR Certificate London before the tenant can start. April 1, 2022-This rule applies to all existing tenants-the landlord must provide existing tenants with a sufficient copy of the EICR report.

Who is following this?

Local governments are responsible for ensuring that homeowners across the country comply with their responsibilities. They are given special and very powerful power to help secure the tenants of functioning real estate.

The EICR report must be submit to the local housing authorities within 7 days upon request. Regulations require local housing authorities to have the authority to enforce the rules and manage corrective actions that they charge homeowners. If the owner suspects that the rules have been violate, the staff will report a correction. You can then try to access the property through the tenant. They carry out their own investigations and hire their own contractors to perform identified urgent tasks. This cost is pass directly to the homeowner. In addition, there are fines that can be high. Violations of the rules have been identified, which could result in fines of up to £ 30,000 to local housing authorities.

What exactly is EICR Certificate London?

EICR Certificate London The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an official document create after evaluating electrical equipment. (Consumer units, wires, receptacles, switches, etc.) This is a detail review and usually takes 5 years to complete. However, wiring and electrical equipment may vary depending on age and installation conditions between EICR consumer units. Wiring and electrical equipment are thoroughly test and check for errors or deviations from wiring standards.

The purpose of the audit is to:

  • Look for the danger of fire or electric shock.
  • Identify defective electrical work.
  • Failure detection, grounding, or interconnection.
  • Check for overload of electrical circuits or equipment.

In addition to complying with regulations, it is of utmost importance that the screener is fully qualified. Not only to ensure the safety of our tenants, all our electricians are insure and certified in the proper form-contact our team for more information 0203 239 0374

Where is PAT suitable?

The new regulations are primarily target at manual electrical installations. This is because these regulations are relatively un-regulate. Therefore, the PAT test rules do not change. The current rules are still in effect. The PAT Act requires owners of mobile electrical equipment to be safe, appropriate and to use them for their intend purposes.

For more information

If you own real estate, or want to rest assure that all the outlets and appliances install in your home meet current safety standards. The best way is to get an EICR Certificate London. If you shop, you may be able to reduce the cost of certifying electrical safety and general electrical work by as much as 50%. Your main goal should not be to find the lowest price when doing this kind of work. You may find that the electrician is willing to lower the price for you. If you have the opportunity to repair all the electricity you need

One of the best ways to ensure a fair price for EICR Certificate London or electrical repair and maintenance work is to request at least three quotes in advance. We will contact a certified and certified electrician when filling out the contact form. There is no prepaid fee to request a quote from us.

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