FUT Hair Transplant Cost Result & Procedure

Are you noticing the unexpected falling of hairs when you wake up in the morning? Are you experiencing a visibly high hairline than before? If yes, then you must be suffering from androgenic alopecia. This is an age-related hair loss that happens among males and females too. However, if you have the above symptoms, then it is definitely male pattern hair loss. Without any doubt, this hair loss is a kinda sucker. But the good news is that you have chances to regrow your hair. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is an innovative technique that can work for you better. This is an advanced hair restoration procedure. But, before you get involved in the process, you must look into FUT hair transplant cost and procedures.

What is the FUT transplant?

This is a kind of fut hair restoration surgery that works with the relocation of naturally occurring hair follicles to bald spots. The way seems pretty difficult, but it won’t. You just need to make up your mind, and it will be done to provide you desired results. The hair surgeon would come with a sound solution to cut a strip of your skin from the back of the head. Don’t panic! It would not be going to hurt you as the procedure will be followed by local anesthesia. The strip of skin would enable the surgeon to extract hairs in groups of 1 to 5 follicles. It would make the process faster, and you will be able to get them implanted in bald areas. The good feature of this procedure is that it encompasses the restoration in a single process. You will be able to get hair transplanted with a naturally occurring hairline.

Who can get FUT and how much does it cost?

As per an average, the cost of this procedure can vary from 4000 to 10000 dollars. However, there are several factors that can determine FUT hair transplant cost. But, the major factor in this context is the number of hair grafts required. Therefore, you must look into your specific needs first. It would help in making the wise decision to get the natural hairline with FUT. However, first, you must look into whether you are eligible to undergo this procedure or not. There are some important points that you must consider, such as:


Age is the prominent factor to conclude for the chances of an individual to get the hair restoration done. If you are below 25, then the hair loss could be restored naturally without any treatment. This could be due to hormonal changes that can restore your hair naturally. But, you are more likely to get this treatment if your age is more than 25. After 25, the pattern hair loss is inevitable, so the surgeons would prefer if you are above 25. This would consider a realistic expectation from the surgery if you are in the true age of getting FUT hair restoration.

Thicker Hairs

Follicular Unit Transplantation is a technique that could prove productive if you have thicker hairs in the back of your head. Men with thinner hair are not much suitable for this treatment. They are less likely to get denser coverage of bald areas with hair restoration. Usually, this treatment works to cover larger baldness on the head. So, the surgeon would expect to get hairs extraction from the back of the head. But, if you do not have thick hair on the donor site, you might not be a good candidate. It could also make an increasing impact on FUT hair transplant costs.

Process of FUT

The surgeon would first trim your hairs to remove them easily from the head. Then the strip of skin from behind of your head will be cut with the tools. This would help the surgeon to extract the follicles in groups to implant on the bald sites. Remember that strip of skin will enable surgeons to yield maximum hair follicles. But, the risk of visible linear scar is predictable with this hair restoration.

After the extraction of individual follicles from the strip, the hair will be implanted. The surgeon will then apply sutures to your scalp. The head will be covered using bandages. This surgery would give you lustrous and thick hairs with fuller growth on the head.

To Sum Up

Getting a fut hair restoration is a good decision to restore loss of hair. But this is a more surgical procedure than FUE. This involves linear scarring on the back of your head. But, FUT hair transplant cost is no doubt lesser than other transplant options. You can consult with a professional hair surgeon before getting this treatment done. As an advantage, FUT works to cover larger bald areas so you can expect to get superior results.  


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