Hotel Towel Factory – How to Maintain Soft Hotel Towels

Hotel-grade towels are large, white and fluffy – designed to enhance guest experiences and build repeat business. Their use may lead to higher ratings and repeat orders from satisfied guests.

Some hotels opt for premium towels from luxury brands such as Frette or Matouk to give guests an exceptional experience, while others partner with mills specializing in hospitality linens such as 1888 Mills.


Hotel towels are an indispensable component of any hospitality business, providing softness, fluffiness, absorbency and an aesthetic touch. Hotels use cutting-edge technologies to kill bacteria on their towels to preserve their brand new appearance while avoiding fabric softeners to protect fibers and preserve absorbency.

Quality hotel towels depend heavily on their fabric of construction. Bamboo, polyester and microfiber are popular choices; however cotton offers superior softness, durability, and absorbency – which make cotton an ideal choice.

Long-staple Turkish cotton is of superior quality, as it remains warm and fluffy longer than other fabrics. Additionally, its luxurious qualities make it more desirable than regular cotton; in addition to this advantage, cotton fabric can also be bleached repeatedly without losing its soft texture.


Softness of hotel towels depends on several different factors. These include material, GSM density and towel weight. Five-star hotels only select towels with optimal combinations of these attributes to give their customers plush towels that retain their softness after repeated washes.

First is fabric selection: microfiber, bamboo and polyester towels are common market choices; however, high-end hotels typically prefer 100% cotton as it offers cozier, fluffier and softer towels than any other materials.

Hotels often opt for thicker towels as they are more absorbent. Furthermore, thick towels help prevent soapy residue build-up. To keep their softness intact, hotels wash their towels often using special techniques that avoid shrinkage as well as adding baking soda into their wash cycle for added brightness and softness.


Hotel towels must be soft and absorbent for long-term use, which is why many hotels opt for 100% cotton towels over other materials like bamboo, microfiber or polyester.

Cheap materials may be cost-cutting, but their lack of durability increases the chance of quick wear-and-tear. Furthermore, low-quality textile production requires massive amounts of energy and natural resources – as well as contributing to pollution issues in an environmentally damaging fashion.

To maintain their softness and absorbency, towels should be washed without fabric softener and bleached and sanitized to preserve their quality. Bleaching may cause loosely-twisted absorbent fibers to disengage from their harder base strands and become loose again.


Hotel towels play an integral part of a guest’s experience and must meet various stringent requirements to be suitable. They must be soft, durable and hygienic while being easy to wash and dry after each use.

Towels that require extensive manual labor to launder require significant amounts of manual labor and may lead to damage of fibers that will lead to their degrading and losing their fluffiness over time. Conversely, those which are easy to launder can be laundered more regularly, prolonging their lifespan while saving staff members’ time in laundry duties.

Organic cotton towels are an eco-friendly choice with many advantages for both farmers and factories alike, not to mention your guests. Finding reliable suppliers to fulfill this goal will be essential.


Staying stocked with clean and soft hotel towels is essential to running an overnight lodging establishment successfully. Not only will guests appreciate your attention to their comfort, but pleased guests may post positive reviews online that help generate new bookings.

Cotton towels dry quickly, launder easily, and stand up well against bleach – while still remaining soft and absorbent. When purchasing wholesale hotel towels in bulk quantities, buying can save both time and money in the long run.

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