How Our Hotel Towel Factory Ensures Premium Quality

The feeling of slipping into a fluffy, luxury hotel-quality towel after a long bath or refreshing shower is unbeatable. These towels are designed to withstand industrial laundering conditions and yet still look like new.

Quality hospitality linens are made of 100 percent cotton for their durability, softness and absorbency. They are woven using ring-spun cotton yarns for longevity and like-new brightness.

Weaving Technology

At our wholesale hotel towel factory, we loom first quality towels with premium-weight long-staple cotton. This makes them softer, fluffier, and more absorbent than ever before. It also helps them stay white for longer.

When Seyam and Oxenham learned that Walmart Manufacturing was seeking proposals to improve weaving efficiency, they knew they had a solution on their hands. Their proposal focused on a non-stop tying-in process that could reduce machine downtime by 4-6%.

They were awarded funding and a contract to develop the process at the Carolinas plant. And the rest, as they say, is history. The plant now has a patented non-stop tying-in process and continues to meet the demands of bulk hospitality supply customers around the world. Their innovation has made our towels the softest and most absorbent available anywhere.

Cotton Yarns

The type of cotton used in towels determines the feel, strength and durability of the finished product. Long-fiber cotton such as Egyptian, Pima, and Turkish cotton produces the finest woven fabrics. These premium fabrics are highly absorbent, breathable and soft. They also wash and dry more quickly than short-fiber cottons, making them ideal for hotel linen.

In addition to long-staple cotton, other types of cotton yarns are used in towel production. These include carded and combed cotton, auto coro, and zero twist cotton. The specific technical specifications of towels may vary based on the needs and preferences of each hotel, but any good supplier will be able to advise on the best options.

It is important to pay attention to the weight of cotton yarns as they become very heavy when wet. It is also worth mentioning that cotton yarn does not stretch. This makes it important to seek out quality crude materials. This can be done by requesting samples from reputed suppliers and testing them to see whether they are tough and sturdy.


Besides the softness and water absorption, towel quality also depends on its yarn, weave, and stitching. Hotel-quality towels need remarkable weaves to withstand commercial laundering countless times and maintain their strength.

The fabric of the towels is made up of short and long fibers that are tightly twisted together. Ring-spun cotton is designed for longevity and like-new brightness, while combed cotton removes the shorter fibers to make the towel smoother and more absorbent.

The towels are then stitched with a strong backstitch, running stitch, ladder stitch, or whip stitch. This makes the edges of the towels stronger and prevents fraying. This is a sign of high-quality towel manufacturing. It also ensures that the stitching is consistent and uniform across each towel. The use of automated machines also improves consistency, reducing human error and improving production efficiency. This helps hotels reduce their annual towel spending. Aureate Linen specializes in weaving upscale suite bedding, bath and dining linens for premier hospitality brands.


In hotel business towels are a critical piece that carries much weight, more than just the comfort factor. They help build a healthier relation between guests and staff, which increases repeat visits. A towel’s absorbency and softness have a direct impact on the guest’s experience, which is why hotels set such high standards for them.

After weaving the finished rolls of toweling are brought to the desizing section for further processing, which helps achieve even bleaching and level dyeing. It also gives the towels a smooth and soft handle.

ELIYA’s premium wholesale hotel bath towels, hand towels and washcloths are available in bulk by the case. They provide the highest levels of softness and absorbency while maintaining durability for industrial laundering. Call us to order yours today!