How to reset Mac password in no time?

We all have dozens or perhaps hundreds of passwords that we need to remember. It is important to remember your Mac password, just like the PIN number for your credit card is among the most important ones, and it can be a hassle in case you forget it. However, it’s not an end-of-the-world scenario. There are several simple ways to restore your macbook password and ensure you never lose it again.

How do you recover a lost Mac password

Secure experience is something that you cannot stress enough when dealing in Apple devices. This is why it’s important to have an effective Mac password. Although it’s easy to steal the device, there’s no possibility that someone could alter your data unless they are aware of the password. Therefore, it’s advisable to take some precautionary steps to ensure that you don’t lose your data and to make it easier for you to retrieve.

Utilize Recovery Mode

I hope this is an “what-if” in your case, however let’s suppose it actually happened. You’ve forgotten your Mac password and are unable to access your accounts. There aren’t any password hint suggestions and you’re unable to call it up even though you’ve attempted to enter all your names of your pets. In these situations, you can use the Recovery Mode feature of Apple. Mode.
There are dozens, many passwords to keep track of. The password for your Mac password, along with the credit card PIN number is among the most crucial, and it can be a hassle in case you forget it. However, it’s not an end-of-the-world scenario. There are a number of ways to restore your Mac password and ensure you never lose it again.

To enable The Recovery Mode, follow these steps:

  • Switch off your computer and press the power button while holding Command R. Watch for the loading bar to show up on the screen as your Mac starts up into Recovery.
  • Next, select Disk Utility > Continue > Utilities Terminal.
  • Enter “reset password” (in the form of one letter) and then click Return.
  • Visit the main drive and then select an account for your account.
  • Last but not least, change your Mac password, then create an easy-to-remember hint that you can easily remember the password in the future then save. You’ll be able to access the new password upon restart.

Reset password using Apple ID

If you’ve got the Apple ID tied to your account on Mac You could use it to reset your passwords in the login window. The option should be enabled by default. In case not, you can turn it on it from the System Preferences > Users and Groups > Allows users to reset passwords with the help of Apple ID. You may also know about how to reset macbook pro without losing data.

For a successful attempt at this, simply click on the question mark in the password field you will see in the screen for login. You can accept the option of resetting your password using Apple ID and enter wrong login credentials three times in order to be able to generate the password you want to use. Once you are on the screen to reset, enter your new password 2 times then create a hint and save.

Change passwords from another account

It’s a good thing you have multiple user accounts in your Mac. Or, if your mother/brother/girlfriend/dog ever use your computer to log in to their personal accounts (yes, now you owe them a thank you). Here’s how to retrieve your Mac passwords, by using a different account that you’ve an account password for:

  • Log out from your administrator user account
  • Select another account and then enter the password.
  • Open Settings > System Preferences, Users and Groups. Click on the lock icon.
  • Enter the password for the alternate account to gain access.
  • Set the password for your administrator user account (type into a password, confirm > create an account > save).


Making sure you take all the precautions to protect yourself online is essential. This includes knowing the best password tips for your Mac and being able to navigate the Recovery Mode and, of course, the most reliable tools for managing passwords and 2FA like Secrets and Ohtipi both available for free trials by using Setapp the platform with over 200 of the best Mac and iPhone applications.

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