Three Lead Generation Card Tips from the Playbook

Three Lead Generation Card Tips from the @TwitterSmallBiz Playbook

In August, we announced our Lead Generation card for any advertiser who uses Twitter. Since the launch, we’ve been awestruck(Click here) by the number of small and medium-sized companies that have incorporated their Lead Generation card into their marketing strategies and witnessed impressive results.

We considered it a good idea to share a portion of our strategy and provide an inside look at how @TwitterSmallBiz’s team has utilized Lead Generation Cards to meet our objectives. We’ll go over the definition of a Lead Generation Card and the three critical elements to our success that we’ve learned from our experiences using the service.

What exactly is a Lead Generation Card?

The Lead Generation Card A Lead Generation Card an email address that allows you to collect new customer email addresses directly in tweets. When you tweet, the link will pre-populate the full name of the user and their email address and @username (previously inputted in their settings for their Twitter account) to the expandable portion of your tweet, eliminating the need for a conventional complicated form.

In addition to the contact number, The expanded Tweet contains other information as well:

Description in a short form: A paragraph that gives context and explains the benefits people can expect by sharing their personal information with you.

Images: A visual clue representing your company and creating interest in your product.

Action: the step you wish people to take, with the advantages of doing it.

Here’s the way a Lead Generation Card looks like when it is included in a tweet:

You can visit the particular Support page for step-by-step directions for setting up the Lead Generation Card.

The three critical ingredients for success when using Lead Generation cards

Our TwitterSmallBiz team conducted lots of testing and learning. Before settling on the current plan, we have to use Lead Generation cards. Three tips to help you create to implement your Lead Generation Card campaigns:

Streamlining your campaign Twitter Ads allows you to create multiple campaigns on your account. It gives you the ability to monitor the performance of your campaigns at the individual and aggregate levels.

If you intend to include Lead Generation Cards in your promoted Tweets, we suggest creating an entirely separate campaign that incorporates every Tweet aimed toward Lead Generation. This will allow you to alter your bid separately from Promoted Tweets with different goals, like increasing engagement, driving site traffic, etc.

Within every campaign, you can examine performance at the individual Tweet level. This helps you understand which Tweets are the most significant contributor to your goals. Combine several Promoted Tweets that include Lead Generation Cards in the same campaign. You can compare performance more easily across diverse combinations of Tweet text and Lead Generation Card creatives.

After you have determined the Lead Generation Cards and types of Tweet content are generating the most results, you can spend more money on these combinations and stay away from those which aren’t as effective.

It’s not always the case that less is more.

The purpose behind testing and learning is to make your campaigns as efficient as they can be. The more you try and learn, the faster you’ll be able to identify what combinations and features work best to help you achieve your objectives. The earlier you begin your testing process, the more effective.

When you begin using the Lead Generation Card, test up to seven different Lead Generation Cards over 20-30 different variations of tweet content. After a few days of your campaign, Your Twitter Ads analytics will give you the information you need to know what combinations are doing better than others. This will help you can concentrate your efforts in the future.

Here’s an illustration of how we applied the same testing framework to test the recent campaign that sought to gather email addresses for the launch of a new content offering:

Card for Lead Generation:


Copy for Tweets that are promoted:

Option 1:


Lead Generation Cards allow you to make it simpler than ever to get leads through Twitter. Find out how they can benefit your business in this article:

Option 2:


Did you know that you can get a lead on tweets? Tweet? Check out our no-cost guide and learn the best way to do it:                Option 3:


Have you ever seen a Lead Generation Card before? You now have. We’ll show you how you can make use of them in your business in our brand new guide:             Option 4:


Are 1700 leads per week be a good thing for your boss? Check out our guide to learn the method by which @rockcreek did it with Lead Generation Cards

Follow up

If someone enters their email address on a Lead Generation Card, that person has expressed an interest in your company. This allows you to follow up with potential customers when they tend to respond to your messages. If you do not follow up with your customers after submitting their email addresses, they might not be as engaged or open to receiving your message.

This is why it’s essential to create a strategy to follow up with new leads after submitting their email address. The follow-up strategy will differ based on the lead generation offer you’ve chosen to use in the Lead Generation Cards.

If, for instance, your offer was a fresh item, You might want to include email addresses you have collected from an ongoing newsletter campaign list that contains similar information. In addition, if you provided the possibility of registering for an event using an event registration form on your Lead Generation Card, you may want to add these email addresses to a mailing list to communicate additional information about your event or any other material provided during the conference. Whatever follow-up strategy you select will provide opportunities to keep in contact with leads you’ve met and eventually make them pay-per-click.

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