HVAC Companies in Pakistan Include Tasks For Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is approaching And if you’re like most homeowners, HVAC Companies in Pakistan have begun to put together a list of spring cleaning tasks you’ll want to complete in the coming months. Overlook the heating and cooling system when collecting this item. A little cleaning and maintenance will help prepare the system for the air conditioning season. Reduces the need for repairs Here are five HVAC-related tasks to include in the Spring Cleaning Checklist:

1. Replace the air filter

In fact, HVAC Companies in Pakistan should on your monthly to-do list. However, many homeowners forget to replace the air filter as often as needed. It’s better to change it later than not.

Check the size of the HVAC filter and buy a new one at your local hardware store. For most homes, a standard disposable filter made of pleated cotton will suffice. If you are allergic to your family, high efficiency filters may incur additional charges. The new filter helps keep the air conditioner, oven, and the entire home clean. It also improves the energy efficiency of the system.

2. Vacuum the nozzle

Vents tend to attract dust. If you get rid of this dust now and the air conditioner is on within a few weeks, the dust will no longer spread to your home.

Remove each vent with a screwdriver. If the holes are very dirty, wash with soap and water. Then let it air dry. Otherwise, you can use a vacuum cleaner-mounted wand to suck dust out of the holes. Clean the area inside the pipe that is easily accessible. Screw the vents in place.

3. Replace the thermostat battery

The temperature controller often warns you when the battery is low. But what if the lights are on and you’re out of town when you return after the battery runs out? When the thermostat battery runs out, the air conditioner will not work. Thermostat batteries usually last for more than a year, so it’s okay to actively replace them every spring. You don’t have to worry about sudden failures.

For most temperature controllers, just move the thermostat away from the wall. Remove the existing battery. Install a new battery. Be sure to check if the thermostat is using maintenance free batteries. That way, you can buy the right batteries at the store. Keep spare parts for future changes.

4. Clean the condenser

The condenser is outside the air conditioning system. In winter, it tends to get dirty with debris such as leaves and road soil. Fortunately, a thorough cleaning of the condenser and springs, which are easy to clean, keeps the air conditioner running efficiently throughout the summer.

First, turn off the AC capacitor, vacuum it with a soft brush, and suck dust from the thin metal comb-like fins that cover the capacitor. If the fins bend too tightly, use a butter knife. Then attach the fin tube to remove any trapped dirt. Let the machine dry, then turn it on again.

5. Weeding

Crescent Corporation take some time to clean the condenser to get rid of the weeds that grow around it. It also cuts bushes and shrubs near the machine. Your air conditioner requires 2 feet of space on all sides to receive proper airflow. When weeds get too close and obstruct the flow of air. The unit may freeze or the house may not be cool enough.

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