Is a Homeowner’s Electrical Safety Certificate a Legal Requirement?

Homeowners have an additional responsibility to ensure that their property is safe and livable for their tenants. This includes ensuring that the property conducts regular gas and Electrical Safety Certificate. Bespoke Landowners do not have a Electrical Safety Certificate, but landowners can obtain one in the form of an EICR.

Legal requirements

Land security owners are require to inspect and inspect the electricity in their property. At least once every five years in accordance with the UK’s Private Lease Sector Regulation. A copy of the report (EICR) must be provide to the local government by someone when existing and new tenants move on demand.

If the test indicates the need for preventive or investigative work, this work must be complete within 28 days of receiving the report. Tenants and local governments must be notified in writing within 28 days of the completion of the work.

Electrical Safety Certificate in London also requires landowners to have their property and EICR inspect regularly. Wales and Northern Ireland do not have specific equivalent regulations, but landowners in these countries are advise to take the EICR test at least once every five years.

How to choose Electrical Safety Certificate

As mention above, electrical safety inspections should only be perform electronically. There is no doubt about the importance of doing electrical work properly, so it is always best to choose an Electrical Safety Certificate electrifying device close to you.

Here are some important tips to help you choose the right electronics for your job

1. Hire a local electrician

Hiring a local electrician has many benefits. Local electricians have the opportunity to provide on-site accurate rates for EICR rates. They already know about the homes in your area – including their general circuit settings and wiring, fixtures and the age of the customer units.

2. Hire a qualified electrical worker

A qualified worker can help with small electrical tasks such as replacing a plug socket. However, the EICR test must be perform by an experience and qualified electrical specialist. Experience electronics may be register in the database of NICEIC-approve contractors or government-approve register competitors.

3. Hire a top-level electrician

Just because they are electrified does not mean they provide first-class service. Reliable local consumers need to have a lot of positive customer voices on their websites and social media pages. You can also use services like My Rating to find the highest ranking electronics in your area.

4. Get the most quotes

Ask EICR quotes from most electronics workers to get the best price for your work. You can get competitive rates for an electricity company in minutes using tools like my closest rating.

EICR-Cheap, potentially life-saving investment

If you are a landowner who owns a property in the UK or London, an electrical Installation Condition report is require for your property. However, the Electrical Safety Certificate is also an important asset for homeowners living in the home.

Nearly all home renovation projects and inspections weigh potential benefits and forward costs. In most cases, projects with obvious benefits (such as double glazing) will have a significant initial cost.

However, spending -3 100-300 on an EICR report is not a huge amount and it is difficult to know if your home’s electrical circuits and devices are safe and cost effective. In addition, homeowners can wait at least five years from the next EICR.

Want to organize EICR today? With my rating, with just a few clicks, you can request an EICR report cost from a top rated local powerhouse.

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