How To Increase Your Client Retention? White Label Marketing Agency User Guide

Ask any white-label marketing agency how important client retention is. And they will almost certainly tell you that it is the most significant component of their business. It is a universal principle that applies to businesses of all sizes and forms. Client retention is critical to the success of any organization.

Client turnover is costly since it takes time, effort, and resources to earn new business, especially in a competitive market. We wanted to find out what the top client retention methods were for leading white-label digital marketing services for their respective agencies.

  1. Focus on Business Challenges

While agencies are well-equipped to address marketing difficulties and objectives, one of the most significant client retention techniques is to focus on business challenges and goals.

The agency meets with its clients quarterly to discuss marketing effectiveness about business performance. It is extremely significant because it enables them to more effectively pitch the value of their services into the organization and achieve more buy-in from all stakeholders.

This type of information provided by a white-label marketing agency is enhanced when the agency integrates marketing objectives with business objectives and reminds the customer of how the agency is assisting in improving overall business success.

  1. Showcase Your Worth

Reporting is a common function for each digital firm and is an excellent approach to demonstrating the value provided by the agency. 

Different clients/stakeholders require varying degrees of reporting and frequency of reporting. The most typical type of agency reporting is monthly, although it can also be supplemented with quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly reporting.

Depending on the service and the resulting cycle, certain clients may want weekly or even daily reporting in campaign mode. 

At the end of the day, reporting is a significant job, especially when it involves several clients and campaigns.

  1. Build a Strong Connection

Digital agencies are service-based organizations, and the majority of them use account-based marketing (ABM), which is fundamentally about relationship development. Fostering a good relationship from the start will help you gain the customer, but maintaining that relationship over time will help you keep that client in the long run.

  1. Be Proactive

Proactivity is a customer retention approach that also serves as a growth and new business strategy. This links in with a number of the other methods in that being proactive and providing new ideas and approaches to your customer show that you not only understand their objectives but are involved in their success, and it also helps you establish that personal bond.

Some agencies make proactive ideation a continual agency practice by including it in monthly or quarterly client strategy.

Looking for interesting trends and possibilities like these may stimulate your client’s attention, especially if it can be linked to commercial value.

Aside from incorporating proactive ideation into your agency operations, there are times when you should contact clients with new ideas or marketing plan suggestions.

  1. Maintain Consistent Communications

The most apparent retention technique for a service organization is to maintain high-quality, regular communication with the client. However, it all comes down to execution, since committing to effective communication is one thing, but executing it properly is another.

Contact tracking, pipelines, and calendar functionalities are available in CRM and agency workflow platforms, however, most agencies only utilize this capability for new business and lead nurturing. However, it may also be utilized for retention communications planning.

  1. Surprise and delight

Surprise and delight are prevalent words in B2C marketing. 

‘Surprise and delight’ stunts its clients to be disruptive and acquire PR value.

This similar concept of “surprise and delight” may be an excellent customer retention strategy for white-label marketing agencies. It doesn’t have to be large surprises like a free marketing plan (lol), but it may be as simple as bringing cookies or cupcakes to a client meeting or bringing unusual objects to a brainstorming session like fidget spinners or gyro wheels. Anything out of the usual brings a grin to the client’s face.

  1. Collaborate with Other Agencies

Some customers deal with many firms, each of which handles a particular marketing function, such as PR, media, digital, creative, and so on.

With numerous agencies involved, certain functions will probably overlap. The creative agency, for example, may be able to produce a social media campaign, but so would the digital agency. So, who performs the work? These crossovers have the potential to cause tension or conflict.

By portraying yourself as the client’s strategic partner, you may boost your agency above the competition and assume a leadership role.


What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear about your experiences and comments if you use any of these client retention tactics by a white-label marketing agency.

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