Modern Apartment Furniture Trends and Styles

If you’re going modern, keep the look fresh by incorporating natural materials and subtle color palettes. Designers also favor reclaimed furniture and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

Nature influences many avenues of design, especially in 2023. Natural colors and textures have calming effects. Designers use wood, woven materials, and even rocks to add a rustic touch.

White Walls

White walls are a decorating challenge that can test even the most confident of decorators. While they are beautiful and clean, the lack of contrast between a white wall and a piece of furniture can make a room feel stark and unfinished.

Unless you are willing to repaint, the best solution is to layer the white back into your space with accent items like a white lampshade or curtains, and coordinating throw pillows or accessories. Alternatively, consider adding some warmth to the room with wood floors or neutral tones like sage green (which is a popular 2022 color of the year).

Another way to warm up a room with white walls is to hang reclaimed or vintage pieces that add character and depth to your space. Interior designers say that their clients are forgoing trends and embracing more classic, timeless designs. This approach allows them to mix old heirloom pieces with modern apartment furniture in a way that feels fresh and new.

Industrial Sconces

As an alternative to side tables, wall sconces save space while maintaining a sleek appearance. These fixtures, like the ones in this apartment from True Home, illuminate a comfy loveseat and set off the white walls for an overall clean look. They also eliminate the need for floor lamps, which can obstruct sightlines and add visual clutter.

An accent color on the sconce can help it blend into the room’s theme, or stand apart with an eye-catching hue. Rustic industrial designs, such as those found on these sconces from LampsUSA, pair well with farmhouse decor, while more neutral colors like gray, black and brown will keep the overall look sophisticated.

Layered interiors are a must for a well-appointed apartment. To avoid a cluttered look, it’s important to take wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling measurements before purchasing furniture or selecting paint colors. It’s also crucial to note any restrictions your space may have, such as slim doorways that won’t accommodate larger pieces.

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds offer a second sleeping space for guests, and they’re great for studio apartments, kids rooms and home offices. They are compact and save floor space when not in use. These bed frames have a drawer underneath that can fit a twin or full mattress. They can be purchased separately from the main bed frame, or they come as a complete set and include the mattress.

Most trundle bed sets are low to the ground and don’t require a box spring, as they use slats or board bases instead. This makes them easy to get into and out of for sleepers with mobility issues.

A trundle bed may not be the best option for serious comfort seekers, because it creates a lower sleep environment than traditional mattresses. This can make it difficult for taller individuals or older people with joint pain to sleep comfortably. Additionally, trundle beds are usually on wheels, which can lead to bed movement during the night.

Window Nooks

Window seats are a great way to add cozy seating and a sense of luxury to any room. They can be crafted with a bench or upholstered chairs, and they’re often located in a space that would otherwise go unused, such as a staircase landing. This cozy nook adds extra seating and provides a lovely view of the outdoors for guests arriving or leaving.

You can build your own window nook using stock cabinetry that you trim to match the space’s existing moldings. In this example, a double-door pantry cabinet is elevated on 2×4 framing to create a seat and storage area.

This oversized window seat brings mod personality to this modern living room. A mix of blue pillows and a light-colored bench cushion make it feel relaxed and inviting. Under the seat, pullout shelves provide ample storage for games and blankets. When not in use, the nook blends into the room with its streamlined casing.