Real Raw News Censorship Practices Revealed

Real Raw News The popularity of Pants on Fire soared after the Capitol insurrection. According to Zignal, which tracks Twitter hashtags, mentions of Real Raw News have been increasing since the story’s publication. A writer from the U.K. named Michael Baxter shared the story about the fake Pants on Fire 20,000 times on Twitter. But the story is not what it seems. The story is a hoax and was shared far and wide.

Michael Baxter

Despite the bafflement and the scandal surrounding the fake news website Pants On Fire, Michael Baxter’s real raw news still garners a decent amount of attention. Using hashtags such as #RealRawNews, he tracks the mentions of the website and their contents. He promises to return to his website to correct any errors. Baxter has repeatedly defended his reporting as accurate.

Michael Baxter also operated three websites and three YouTube channels, all of which were devoted to promoting conspiracy theories and bizarre ideas. However, it is unclear whether Baxter is actually Baxter or Michael Tuffin. In recent months, he has lived in both Texas and New York. His alleged personal information was shared on his websites and YouTube channels. However, despite these revelations, Baxter’s website has been hacked and his identity remains unknown.

While there is no evidence that Real Raw News has banned the content of conservative websites, it does publish a number of far-fetched hoaxes. While many misinformation websites publish far-fetched stories, Real Raw News’s censorship has been raised in the spotlight due to a number of controversies. Although Tuffin defends his website as an “unbiased, factual resource,” his controversial statements have led to a storm of criticism. In this article, we’ll examine whether Tuffin’s censorship methods warrant their claims.

The Real Raw News website is notorious for publishing baseless stories about celebrities and high-profile politicians. However, Michael Baxter didn’t return our requests for comment.

Michael Tuffin

The controversy surrounding Michael Tuffin’s Real Raw News website has put it in the spotlight. While he defends his site as a nonpartisan factual resource, his controversial statements have drawn a chorus of criticism. In this article, we’ll examine Tuffin’s censorship practices and why he continues to censor himself. Here’s what we know so far. First, Tuffin’s website has censored content that was once deemed “factual” by other news outlets.

Recently, Tuffin published a fictitious account of US special forces arresting Dr. Anthony Fauci. Since that “arrest,” Dr. Fauci has made several live media appearances. But the US government would have sent police, and not special forces. So why did Tuffin use these special forces? Is he a traitor? I asked him. And he was right. However, this does not prove that Tuffin is telling the truth.

The real raw news is a collection of Chinese characters derived from the slacks of the Chinese people. Some of the characters that can be found in real raw news include: Zhi Qian, Ta Fen Zhi Shao Huan, Shen Ceng Zheng Fu, Yin Mou Lun, Pin Dao, and Zai Cheng Li. The authors also cover the Chinese character for “Zhi Kong,” and explain the meaning behind it.

Bill Gates

A new article on social media claiming that Microsoft Founder Bill Gates was being held by US military is making the rounds on the Internet. It is based on information provided by satirical news website Real Raw News. The website’s manager, Michael Baxter, is a former military officer who works for Microsoft. He claims that the circulating news was false and that no credible news outlets reported Gates’ arrest.

The website also claims that some anti-vaxx organizations have disseminated information by Bill Gates’ Real Raw News. In addition to satire, Real Raw News also publishes information regarding other controversial topics that have been neglected by mainstream media. As for the author of the articles, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has made a point to make them more palatable to his followers via social media.

The documents also reveal that Gates is under military arrest, and his wife, Ellen, has been a key role in his arrest. In 2011, Gates distributed vaccines to 41,000 children in poverty-stricken India. While this may have met with “mild” resistance from distributors in the U.S., it appears that Gates was promoting his vaccines by claiming that they provided a lifetime immunity to super polio.

The article alleges that a satirical website published a story on Bill Gates’ arrest. The claim is false. There was no arrest of the Microsoft philanthropist, and there is no evidence of this. Bill Gates’ arrest on child sex trafficking charges is also based on a satirical website. It is unlikely to be true, but the information presented on the website is based on a false source.

Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been on the run for months, seeking asylum in Qatar, and recently taking a bullet to the chest. In the same situation, the White House’s top medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Several other prominent people have been arrested by the military, including former Vice President Hunter Biden and Attorney General William Barr, who were executed by firing squad and guillotine.

The video of the violent January 6 attack has been played over by a House select committee. Donald Trump supporters erected a wooden gallows on the Capitol lawn and chanted, “Hang Mike Pence!” In addition to the video, the House select committee documented threats made against Vice President Pence. The House select committee released these videos to highlight the president-elect’s complicity in the violence.

A top GOP aide has described several phone calls in which Mr. Trump abused and humiliated Mr. Pence and tried to persuade him to overturn the election results. Several people close to Mr. Pence said he was “harmed” by the episode. All spoke on condition of anonymity and confidentiality because the situation is sensitive. And now, the press is eager to cast Mr Pence as a viable rival to Donald Trump.


In addition to posting comments on the Real Raw News website, Michael Baxter also runs three other websites with associated YouTube channels that promote far-fetched conspiracy theories. His real name is Michael Tuffin. He’s 53 years old and a Texas resident. He has also lived in New York. There are no fact-checks on Baxter’s work, but he still defended it. Regardless, his work is far from fact-based, and he continues to post comments as “Michael Baxter” on Twitter.

Hillary Clinton

The Real Raw News website publishes articles that are written in the style of actual news stories. For example, one recent article detailed an alleged military tribunal held against Hillary Clinton. But, while the article itself is based on facts, it is shared by thousands of social media users who have never heard of the woman in question. Moreover, the articles are written in such a way that they can be easily interpreted as satire.

Despite the fact that the site is satirical, the author of the articles does not try to hide the source of the information. They cite a wide variety of open-source intelligence leads, archives of web pages, social media postings, and comments on Real Raw News. Several fact-checkers have checked these claims, and the headlines of the articles are convincing enough. However, the Real Raw News website should be viewed with a grain of salt.

The article claims that the Navy SEALs arrested the former Secretary of State Clinton. While this story has been discredited, it continues to circulate on social media. In fact, it was debunked by USA TODAY after the media outlet published the article. In a follow-up piece, USA TODAY debunked the article alleging that the Navy SEALS arrested the former Secretary of State for treason. A video of the purported arrest has now reportedly received over 29,000 views on YouTube. This article highlights some of the more ludicrous claims of the Real Raw News website.

Hillary Clinton

While the emails reveal that Hillary Clinton had meetings with donors, the media coverage has been too biased to believe them. But even if they were accurate, critics outside the Clinton inner circle see a pattern of behavior that makes it difficult to separate political hit jobs from ethical missteps. Among the examples cited are the email exchanges with her private server at the State Department, and the use of private servers by her former campaign staff.

The article on Real Raw News came just days after a Washington jury found Michael Sussmann not guilty of lying to the FBI after meeting with them in September 2016 to discuss a tip he had on communications between the business of Donald Trump and a Russian bank.

Michael Baxter

Michael Baxter’s real name is Michael Tuffin, and he runs the controversial website Nibiru News. Baxter also runs three websites and a YouTube channel, and promotes conspiracy theories. Baxter lives in Texas, but has also lived in New York. Regardless of his real name, his online persona is one of the most controversial in the world of news and entertainment. Let’s take a closer look at who he is and what you should do if you are interested in the real story behind his YouTube channel and website.

The website was the source for a story about the mass resignation of Air Force pilots. He also published several news stories about hangings and arrests that were demonstrably false. The headlines for those stories included “James Comey loses his head on guillotine” and “Hillary Clinton hanged at Gitmo” and “the military executes Tom Hanks”

While Real Raw News has been accused of censorship, it is not alone. Other conservative news outlets have been accused of doing so as well. But Tuffin defends the website as a factual resource, despite the site’s controversial claims. The site often posts several stories about the same hoax, raising the suspicion of multiple deception. Although the site is far from the best source of information, Tuffin’s “trust me, I’m Michael Baxter” approach is unique.

Bill Gates

Real Raw News also asserts that Bill Gates was arrested on charges of coercion, vaccine sales, and a child trafficking ring. However, no evidence has been provided to support this claim. In addition, Real Raw News has published fabricated stories about other high-profile figures being arrested by the military. In addition to publishing baseless stories, Real Raw News also makes claims about famous people, including politicians, actors, and even billionaires.

Michael Tuffin

Although Tuffin defends his site as a factual resource, his controversial statements have met with a chorus of criticism. In this article, I’ll examine whether his site’s censorship practices are worthy of its name. Let’s begin with some background information.

First, there was the “arrest” of Dr. Anthony Fauci on the PBS News Hour. According to Tuffin, the US government arrested him only two days after the “execution” in question. That’s simply not true. Regardless of what the media outlets say, Tuffin has no authority to arrest Dr. Fauci. In fact, he’s made several live media appearances since his “arrest.” Furthermore, the US government would have sent police with a warrant to arrest Dr. Fauci, not special forces.

There are three basic types of real raw news: Jie Shou and 4Yue 10Ri. The Chinese version, Nian 9Yue, is a bit different from Jie Shou. The real raw news, on the other hand, includes several different martial arts. The first three are known as ‘Real Raw News’. They are very different than other martial arts and require different training to get the full benefit.

David Axelrod

It’s hard to believe that RealRawNews, the online news source formerly run by Barack Obama’s political advisor David Axelrod, is now under fire over an article about his capture. The news outlet has claimed that the piece was false, but there are many reasons for its credibility to suffer. Among those reasons are a variety of factors, such as the lack of a source for its information, and the fact that its headlines are often attention-grabbing and move viral.

Axelrod is a former adviser to President Barack Obama and the director of the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago. He also serves as a senior political commentator on CNN. The premise of the post is that Axelrod, who is a “white hat” (someone who is acting morally) has been arrested. While the post may be satirical, it still carries the potential for significant consequences for the president’s administration.

In the interview, Axelrod talks about the importance of polls in the campaign. He describes running a campaign without polls is like flying a plane without a guidance system. In the episode, Axelrod discusses the Illinois primary, saying that it’s a microcosm of the country. He believes that the winner will win the nomination. He also discusses issues in Illinois, including the economics of the state.

Another controversy surrounding Real Raw News is its use of fake news.  In other instances, the website has fabricated stories to make its points. In the past, Lead Stories has exposed Real Raw News’s use of false data. For that reason, we suggest that you don’t fall for the fad.

Michael Sussmann

reportedly attributed the information to an unnamed source in the U.S. Navy JAG unit. However, the story’s credibility remains a source of contention.


In his federal trial, Durham alleged that Sussmann lied to the FBI about his work for the Clinton campaign. Durham also revealed that Sussmann was a former federal prosecutor and has represented Democrats. The special counsel’s office alleged that the lawyer falsely stated he did not represent any client while working for the Clinton campaign and a technology executive who had given him the tip. He also claimed that he wanted to share information about the connection between the Trump Organization and the Russian bank.

The judge said that the information he gave the FBI should have come with a warning label regarding a connection to a rival candidate. A federal agent would have likely conducted an investigation into such information regardless of its motivation. Nonetheless, the judge took the motions to dismiss the case under advisement. So the judge has made a decision that will affect the future of democracy. If he finds that it was a mistake, he may consider allowing the case to go to trial.

Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently said that Donald Trump was wrong to believe that his Vice-Presidential pick had the power to reverse the 2020 presidential election. Trump falsely claimed that the election was stolen from him and that Pence could revert the results. The former vice-president is the latest person to be caught up in a fake news story on Real Raw News. However, Reuters has a history of debunking Real Raw News falsehoods.

Trump’s obsession with Pence continues to be the cause of the controversy over his travel plans. According to reports, the former Vice-President is currently touring the world in search of a new home, while he is under investigation for conspiracy to commit treason, sedition, and violating the Espionage Act. The State Department recently released his itinerary, revealing that he would travel to Israel, Poland, and Bahrain before returning stateside to brief the Covid-19 task force. In reality, Pence stayed only to collect his belongings. And now he has moved on to find a new home abroad.

The media is also addicted to Trump, and the media might be prepared to see Pence as a hero of January 6. Despite his recent appearance, most journalists continue to believe that Pence has little chance of beating Donald Trump. But a media addiction to Trump could eventually make Pence a hero of January 6. But Pence’s “policy agenda” is chock full of culture war grievances. Unlike Trump, Pence promotes “patriotic” education, meaning shallow jingoism and banning books that teach the truth about American history. Meanwhile, he also supports a cruel assault against transgender children. He also supports the dracow, but has not weighed in on the Great Replacement Theory.


While some of his allies don’t believe his actions this week will have long-term consequences, Trump’s opponents blame the vice president for Trump’s loss.  So, what do you think? If Mike Pence was a scapegoat for Donald Trump’s loss, would he really be a viable rival for the presidency?