Scuba Diving In Dubai: 8 Underwater Places To Explore in Dubai

A Dubai honeymoon is truly a mesmerizing experience; no couple would like to miss this opportunity. The dazzling metropolis with tall buildings, magnificent structures, beautiful gardens, pristine beaches, fountain shows, retail outlets, and what now makes it ideal for your honeymoon. Additionally, there is no shortage of options for adventure activities, and scuba diving in Dubai is a must.

Additionally, the city is a man-made paradise making it a premium vacation location. No matter the occasion, people globally flock to Dubai to celebrate their happy moments with their loved ones and family. This metropolis has yet to discover several places, sites, beaches, and monuments.

For those looking to add a spice of thrill to their honeymoon, you can customize your Honeymoon in Dubai package with Roaming Routes and add any adventure activities. However, Scuba diving in Dubai provides a unique experience. For someone who has previously participated in this activity, this coast offers something unique, unlike anything you have seen before. Experiencing this activity in the marine or wreckage sites would double the thrill. Additionally, the water hue of these scuba diving sites offers you a different vibe, and every adventure seeker must experience this.

If you are reluctant to dive in the marine, although they are safe and experts accompany you, you may consider scuba diving in Dubai Mall’s Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Following a quick theoretical session, your Dive Instructor will train you on the fundamental safety standards and techniques in the constraints of a cage before you head out for diving inside the 10 million-litre Aquarium.

Don’t you find this interesting? If so, check out the sites to enjoy scuba diving in Dubai.

Places To Try Scuba Diving In Dubai

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most incredible destinations for scuba diving in Dubai, with modest sites for novices to enjoy the abundant Gulf marine life and wreckage for more experienced divers to discover. Many companies provide equipment and expert coaching because it is also the most popular beach. Moreover, you will enjoy scuba diving Dubai Jumeirah Beach.

Here, the scuba diving in Dubai price is about Rs 3700.

2. Martini Rock

Martini Rock is a tiny, beautiful reef that draws inspiration from the shape of the rocky pinnacles under the surface, which resemble the rim of a martini glass. This well-known dive site on the East Coast is known for its sandy canyons and wealth of soft orange coral, which is accented with yellow and purple soft coral. Martini Rock is filled with several species of colourful reef fish, including snappers, parrot fish, Sergeant Majors, burrfish, lionfish, etc.

Cuttlefish, turtles, and moray eels glide through these waters, and you may encounter them here.

Some Wreckage Sites To Try Scuba Diving In Dubai

These scuba diving in Dubai locations are ideal if you like having a little more of everything. The shipwreck sites provide divers with the most intriguing encounters. Additionally, explore how nature accepts anything that it presents, even a shipwreck.

Scuba diving in Dubai price at such locations typically begins at 5,000 INR and varies depending on geography and amenities.

3. Zainab

Unquestionably among the most popular locations for Dubai scuba diving, Zainab is renowned for being the scene of one of the largest oil spills in this area, which was accompanied by ripples that the vessel could not overcome. It abutted the bed in 2001 and, through time, has developed a comfortable habitat for various marine creatures, including yellowtail barracuda. Due to the vast size of the location, it often takes many dives to investigate it properly.

You should visit this location with knowledgeable guides.

4. Mariam Express

Inundated by surging waves in 2006, the ship Mariam Express often used to cruise from UAE to Iraq and return. So this tragedy was mostly caused by the high currents, but the ship was also overcrowded. Today, its cargoes serve as a stunning dive destination in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Further, a diversity of nudibranchs, flatworms, torpedo rays, spotted eagle, and yellowtail barracuda are among the marine animals that may be seen at a depth of 18 to 25 metres. Additionally, it is a fantastic site to enjoy excellent scuba diving in Dubai.

5. MV Ludwig

The MV Ludwig is one of the best-preserved wrecks off the coast of Dubai. During one of their training sessions, the boat sunk into the sea. Today, it provides habitat for various species, including damselfish, sea squirts, pennant fish, and many more.

6. MV Dara

In 1961, the MV Dara sank to a depth of 5 to 17 metres below the ocean’s surface. Ultimately, 238 lives were lost. It would not only exist as a memorial that chronicles this narrative, but it is among the few vessels involved in tragic incidents during peacetime. So this causes frequent comparisons to the Titanic. Without this, a list of diving sites for scuba diving in Dubai will be incomplete.

7. MV Victoria Star

MV Victoria Star is frequently referred to as the greatest diving excursion in Dubai and one of the best dive sites in the UAE.

It sunk in 2013, making it one of the more recent shipwrecks on this section of the shore. Further, it is advisable that travellers, particularly novices, visit this location with a professional guide due to the typical currents. Additionally, advanced divers may make many dives to investigate the whole wreck, which lies between 14 and 23 metres deep.

8. Cement Barge

The Cement Barge is among Dubai’s most well-known diving locations. The depth ranges from 5 to 20 metres, making this location ideal for novice scuba divers. Further, Snorkelling and nighttime diving are other activities offered here. Additionally, if you like scuba diving trips, then this location for scuba diving in Dubai must be on your list.

Helpful Tips When Considering Scuba Diving

  • Confirm that the weather is appropriate for scuba diving.
  • Do not enter the waters by yourself.
  • Ensure that you have a skilled companion in case anything goes wrong.
  • Once under, maintain awareness of your position and do not stray too far from the reef.
  • Ensure that all of your protective gear is in decent condition before diving.
  • Under no circumstances should you lose your calm; always maintain your calmness.
  • Try to unwind and appreciate your dive.
  • Avoid trying anything new on your own without leaving your comfort zone. Within the water, not everything is under your influence.

Final Say

Scuba diving in Dubai is a unique experience that one must undertake to discover marine life. So when in Dubai, consider this adventurous activity. Further, for a safe experience, you can go scuba diving in Dubai aquarium.

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