Slim Box Drawer System – Efficiency in a Sleek Package

The newest member of our eco-drawer system family, Slim Box features an impressively slim side profile that maximizes storage space. It also takes 18mm board rather than 16mm, allowing customers to optimize board stock and avoid extra costs.

This slim design features premium soft close full extension 40kg runner performance. It’s easy to install and customize to fit your design requirements.

Easy to Install

With slim side panels, the Slim Box drawer system is designed to maximize internal storage space. Its stylish support rails and sleek side profile provide a beautiful aesthetic with fully synchronized motion, offering a smooth opening and closing experience. Using easy fixing connectors, assembly and removal are simple. The system is fully lab-tested and carries a dynamic load-carrying capacity of 40 kg.

The runner system is engineered to ensure maximum performance and long-lasting durability, with a feather-light glide that makes every opening and closing smooth. You can customize the runner height with a range of options that match your design preferences. You’ll love the way your drawers feel. They’ll be a joy to use for years to come. Handorf slim box profiles are an ideal choice for all high-end kitchen, bedroom and bathroom applications.

Easy to Clean

The sleek side profile of the Slim Box Drawer System maximizes storage while offering a beautiful visual effect. It features a space-saving 13mm side wall height and an impressively smooth full extension 40kg soft-closing capacity. The drawers are easy to clean and keep tidy thanks to their rectangular gallery rails that allow for the simple sweeping of dirt away. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your project specifications and can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support for handleless fronts or TIP-ON BLUMOTION mechanical opening support systems for handle fronts. They are also fully lab-tested to ensure superior quality.

Easy to Maintain

Designed to maximize interior storage space, the slim box drawer profile features stylish support rails with an impressively thin sidewall. They come in a variety of height options to meet design requirements and provide a beautiful visual appearance that enhances the overall cabinet design. The elegant and stylish runner system also performs flawlessly, even when fully extended and heavily laden with up to 40 kg of weight. The synchronized motion ensures a feather-light glide and a quiet soft opening and closing. Moreover, the drawers can be easily assembled and dismantled thanks to easy fixing connectors. Besides, they are also lab-tested and carry the CATAS certification.

Easy to Store

Designed to be space-saving, slim side walls maximize drawer storage, while the full-extension 40 kg soft-close mechanism provides smooth, quiet movement. The system can be matched with many different styles of drawer fronts and can be customized to suit your needs.

Blum’s metal organizer strips are customizable and can be cut to the size of your drawer. They fit well into shallower drawers and can help corral items like rubber bands. They also work well in a pantry or kitchen cabinets, where they can hold things like gallon-size and quart-size plastic bags (plus bonus organizers for accessories, such as pens to mark bags).

If you are looking for an easy-to-install drawer system that combines fashion with elegance, look no further than the Handorf slim box runner system. With its feather-light glide, exceptional running characteristics and impressive quality, you will be happy with your new drawers for a long time to come.