Types Of Enclosures And Their Benefits

When 3D printing, you will find new things you need to learn daily. And those new crafts can be handy and fun to use. This technology offers a hundred ways to upgrade, modify and DIY your way to better performance. One of the perfect additions to your printer is an enclosure. Some enclosures are bought separately, while some are default enclosures (3D printers that come when enclosed already). They offer a healthier printing environment, a cleaner printing environment, and improved printing quality.

Now, just like any other thing, enclosures have different types. Mostly there are four types of enclosures. The 3D printer enclosures include the following;

  1. Enclosed 3D printers

This enclosed 3D printer is surrounded by a box or a crate-like structure container to keep the printer safe from polluted air or maintain the inner air temperature to ensure good quality printing. These types of enclosures come with the 3D printer intact. It offers the following advantages;

  • It is already suitable for your printer.
  • It is free, already budgeted for in the initial price of the printer.
  • Less failure in parts because of the less environmental impact like high temperature and dust.
  • It minimizes space usage
  • It protects progression prints.


  1. DIY enclosures

These enclosures are improvised or made by the maker at home. Their benefits include

  • All you need is a stable table, duct tape, and a box. Other materials are also easily accessible, but some materials, like synthetic tents, can emit harmful gases.
  • You can monitor and maintain the inside temperature by yourself. But if the ventilation is poor, it may damage the printer parts.
  • They are cheap to make.


  1. Bought enclosures

You can buy a separate enclosure, which is professionally made conveniently for the customer. Their designs and shapes are varied; you select one based on your purpose, choices, and printer size. The benefits include;

  • They are worth their price
  • They are easily accessible
  • You can quickly get such enclosures in the market.


  1. Zip-Up enclosures

These are alternatives to metal-orientated enclosures. They offer solutions for problems regarding ids and pets protection, dust particles, and heat. This type of enclosure is lined with aluminum to prevent fire. Its benefits include;

  • It is a perfect solution when looking for a cheap solution, but its durability is questionable, and you cannot watch the progress when printing.
  • They can be folded up when not in use.

Therefore, before you select the 3D printer enclosure, you want to use it for your 3D printing purposes. I must share with you some of the benefits you should expect from using it. But whether you should use an enclosure depends on the type of filament you use. Here is the list of the benefits;

  1. Less heat loss

The temperature of the 3D printer must be reached and maintained at its optimal point. If the heat is lost, the heating elements of 3D printers must compensate for the lost heat meaning more electricity is needed. And this is where enclosure comes in; it significantly reduces heat, saving you a lot of money on electricity bills.

  1. Better printing quality

The nozzle temperature must be consistent with the optimal temperature for the maker to achieve a high-quality printout. And the enclosure ensures this by keeping the hot air inside the enclosure and maintaining temperature via proper ventilation. This is what some enclosure 3D printer lack, adequate ventilation.