Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Water-soluble laundry bags are a convenient precaution tool that helps operatives isolate and store contaminated linen. They dissolve during the wash cycle, removing the need for operatives to handle dirty linen.

They are ideal for NHS hospitals and commercial cleaning facilities. They are also environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.


Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, water-soluble laundry bags provide a safe, economical way to isolate, transport, and disinfect foul and contaminated linen. They are designed as integral liners in collection containers, eliminating the need for linen handlers to handle dirty linen directly. This minimizes the spread of infections and reduces labor costs and bio-hazard disposal expenses.

Laundry bags with soluble integral ties can be loaded directly into washing machines, eliminating the need to presort or open the bags before loading. During the washing cycle, the bags dissolve and release the contents into the wash. The bags do not leave any marks or residue on the linen or washing machine. They are made from a high-strength, puncture-resistant PVA film that is plumbing and marine safe.


Fully water soluble laundry bags are convenient precaution tools that enable soiled linen handlers to isolate, store, transport and clean washable dirty items. They are used as integral liners in collection containers or independent storage bags for soiled or contaminated items, such as used continence pads and bed linen, prior to laundering. Once closed, they are placed directly into the washing machine and during the washing cycle, they dissolve completely, releasing the contents.

This eliminates the need for operatives to directly handle contaminated linen, reducing their exposure to bacteria and viruses. They also minimise the need for laundries to dispose of plastic waste, resulting in lower operational costs for organizations with bulk wash requirements. The bags are also fully biodegradable, reducing the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans.


Water-soluble laundry bags help hospital staff safely isolate and transport contaminated linen. These bags eliminate the need for manual handling and reduces the risk of infection to staff during the process of cleaning, disinfection and drying. The bags also help to prevent infected linen from spreading contaminant particles through air and on other items, resulting in increased costs for the healthcare facility.

Made from patented Hydropol material, these hot and cold-water-soluble laundry bags dissolve during the wash cycle without leaving any residue on the linen or in the machine and are plumbing and marine safe. Simply place the soiled linen directly into the bags, close them and then put the bag in the washing machine. This eliminates the need for manual handling and is particularly useful for facilities with limited space.


These laundry bags are designed for the isolation of contaminated laundry and linen. They allow healthcare staff to safely bag soiled items before placing them in a washing machine, reducing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination. They also help to prevent the exposure of staff to blood and bodily fluids.

These bags are made from a clear, high-strength film with strong puncture resistance and a securing tie. They are ideal for hospital laundries, care homes and commercial laundries. They are able to contain soiled bed linen and clothing and can be placed directly into the wash without risk of contamination.

The bags can be used in hot or cold wash cycles and are completely soluble, leaving no residue to clog the washing machine. They are plumbing and marine safe, and non-toxic.

Environmentally friendly

Water soluble laundry bags are an environmentally friendly way to store and transport contaminated linen. This helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between staff and soiled linen and also saves on labour and biohazard disposal costs.

These bags are made from transparent Polyvinyl alcohol film, with soluble integral ties. They dissolve in hot or cold water and do not leave any plastic residues or clog washing machines. They are available in many sizes and closures.

The bags have a colored neck tie for easy identification and come in different sizes, from 26 to 39 in. in length and 0.8 mil. thickness. They are heat sealed and can be printed to meet specifications. They are ideal for the medical and healthcare industries. The bags are also durable and tamper proof.