What is a documentary? Best documentaries you must watch in 2023

What is a documentary? Documentaries are a great way to get ideas and learn new things. We can learn about history, culture, politics, art, science, and more by looking at a person’s life. Documentaries and movies about real people bring the stories to life through images, music, and narration, making them more interesting and easy to remember. In no particular order, this article will list ten of the best biopics you should watch. 


Senna (2010) 

Ayrton Senna was one of the best Formula One driver of all time, and this moving and exciting documentary shows his life and career. We see the passion, dedication, and tragedy of a man who lived on the edge and died young through rare footage and interviews with his family, friends, and rivals. Whether you like racing or not, Senna’s talent and spirit will leave you in awe. Learn more about documentaries


Amy (2015) 

Amy Winehouse was a brilliant musician, but she was also a troubled person. This documentary tells her story with sensitivity and honesty, using her words and songs to show the pain, addiction, and pressure that led to her untimely death. The movie also shows how the media and the public contributed to her fall and how we don’t always see the person behind a celebrity.


The Speech of the King (2010)

King George VI of England had a speech problem that made it hard for him to talk in public, especially when World War II was going on. This movie shows how he worked with an unconventional speech therapist to get rid of his stutter and went on to become a loved and respected king. The King’s Speech shows how important courage, friendship, and hard work can be. Do you know about Lorraine Braccio?


Man on a Wire (2008)

Philippe Petit is a French high-wire artist who, in 1974, walked on a tightrope between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York City. It was a brave and poetic thing to do. This documentary shows how the stunt was planned and done, as well as how it made Petit and his team feel. Man on Wire is a tribute to the human mind and the beauty of the impossible. Click here


I’m not your slave (2016)

James Baldwin was an American author, activist, and social critic. In his essays, novels, and speeches, he talked about the complicated issues of race, identity, and culture. This documentary looks at the past and present of racism in the United States through Baldwin’s own words, as well as through interviews with his friends and colleagues and footage from the past. I Am Not Your Negro is a powerful and sobering book that shows how long the fight for justice and equality has been going on.


Frida (2002) 

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who mixed surrealism, folk art, and autobiography to make her own unique style. This biopic shows her life, her love, and her art in a way that is colorful and sensual, just like Kahlo herself. Salma Hayek does a great job playing Kahlo, and the movie captures the spirit of a woman who went against the rules and loved life. Click here


Malcolm X (1992)

Malcolm X was an African-American leader who fought for black pride, freedom from white supremacy, and the right to choose for oneself. This movie about his life, which was directed by Spike Lee, shows how he went from being a criminal and a new member of the Nation of Islam to a figure of resistance and hope around the world. Malcolm X is played by Denzel Washington, who shows all of Malcolm X’s complexity and charisma. The movie looks at the problems and lasting effects of his message. Read more