What Makes the Laser Module 10W so Crucial?

Following closely on the heels of Snapmaker’s 2.0 AT and F 3D printer models is the introduction of the 10W High Power Laser Module for CNC. The new Snapmaker 2.0 AT machines are the company’s most recent iteration of modular 3-in-1 3D printers, while the Snapmaker 2.0 F models provide a more approachable choice that gives consumers more versatility.

The 10W High Power Laser Module Snapmaker gives you the chance to improve its laser engraving and cut powers making it the best laser for 3D printers. The module is deployable for several educational, leisure, or prototyping purposes and is compatible with Snapmaker’s 2.0 A250, F250, A350, and F350.

  • Allows large materials

The module’s 10W power capacity allows users to experiment with a larger variety of materials and projects since it is equipped with state-of-the-art laser beam splitters. Basswoods, a light, soft, and workable form of wood, may be cut at a pace of up to 6,000 mm per minute using the laser module. This wood can also be as thick as 8 mm. this simply means that the new 10W module’s cutting speed may be up to eight times quicker than the 1.6W laser module’s.

  • High-quality laser-worked items

    Laser Printer
    Laser Printer

The Fast-Axis Collimating (FAC) lens on the 10W Laser Module produces an ultra-fine laser focus of 0.05 mm x 0.3 mm. The FAC’s increased energy density enables the production of high-quality, finely detailed laser-worked items. The module also has an improved camera capture and an internal wind channel with wind pressure that may expel fumes when the laser beam penetrates the material. In order to prevent them from interfering with the laser machining process, the channel sends the vapors into the grids of the laser engraving and cutting platform before channeling them out. Snapmaker’s 10W Laser Module, users can easily convert images, choose the best settings for various materials, and slice 3D models into laser-cuttable vectors.

In order to better safeguard the operator, the module is additionally equipped with a gyro sensor that makes sure the laser beam won’t shine if it is positioned improperly or moves from its intended location. By designing the 10W Laser Module with two distinct blowing systems for its PCBA and laser diode, Snapmaker has addressed the issue of the laser diode’s lifespan being reduced when exposed to high temperatures for an extended length of time. After usage, the systems make sure the diode is appropriately cooled, increasing its lifespan by up to 10,000 hours. The module immediately ceases functioning until the temperature drops to within the usual range of its temperature sensor detect a higher than normal operating temperature, defined as above 55 degrees Celsius. Operators may then pick up where they left off by utilizing the Touchscreen on the module.

  • compatibility

With the exception of the 150, all Snapmaker 2.0 models are compatible with the 10W Laser Module, and all prospective machines from the company are also compatible. Along with the Rotary Module, Emergency Stop Button, Air Purifier, and May Hub, the module can also be utilized with the company’s other accessories. Users are able to experiment with a larger variety of materials and projects thanks to the module’s 10W power capacity.

The 10W High Power Laser Module for CNC is available at a wide range of prices depending on your needs. Indeed, we can conclude that the laser module for CNC from Snapmaker is must-have equipment in your locker. Its versatility and great quality work are not something to ignore. You can place your order today at shop.snapmaker.com and join others enjoying a better working experience read more