Which is Better Between Welded Pipe vs Seamless Pipe in Pakistan?

Seamless Pipe in Pakistan are present in almost every building or structure because of their unique advantages. Whether used to carry water, gas or other structural purposes. Seamless Pipe in Pakistan can be found at most construction sites. Pipe makers are doing their best to meet the needs of the industry. I’m wondering which is better, seamless pipe or seamless pipe, because I make high quality pipes in different ways.

Seamless Pipe in Pakistan has many similarities. However, in terms of the pipe manufacturing process, the two types of stores tend to be opposite to each other. This section describes the differences in the factors. Read on to help make informed decisions about which is better!

Manufacturing Process

The main difference between seamless pipes and welded pipes lies in the manufacturing method. Simply put, a Seamless Pipe in Pakistan is a single piece of metal without cracks, creases, or welds. Welded pipes are metal products that start as rolled up bars and are welded to the pipe. Method is as follows.

Welded pipe: 

Welded pipe begins as a mold and is a long coiled steel strip. Then cut to the desired size until a flat square sheet remains. These sheets are fed to the rolling mill and crimp the long sides to form the cylinder. For electrical resistance welded (ERW) tubes, high frequency currents flow between the edges and couple them together. After this step, the weld line will not be visible or touched. For double dip arc welded (DSAW) pipes, the weld bead is displayed. However, it can be removed in an additional process. These tubes require post-manufacturing heat treatment.

Seamless pipe: 

Seamless Pipe in Pakistan begins as a sturdy piece of steel called a billet. These blocks are heated and drilled with a spindle for cleaning. Then roll and stretch until it meets the specifications required by the customer. This is because these tubes cure after manufacture. Some seamless pipes no longer require heat treatment. However, some still require heat treatment, so learn more about the type of tube you will make first.

The welding pipe manufacturing process has been significantly improved over the years. This makes corrosion and joining less likely. Both welded and seamless pipes have become a reliable part of the construction process. However, various techniques were used to create these pipes.


The Seamless Pipe in Pakistan is known to be extremely durable due to the lack of welded joints. It reduces the possibility of corrosion and eliminates the weaknesses of pipes. Seamless pipes are heavy and generally have thick walls, contributing to overall strength. The working pressure of welded pipes is 20% lower than the working pressure of seamless pipes and should be rigorously tested before use to ensure that there are no failures in this area. However, due to the difficulty of Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan, the length of the pipe is always shorter compared to welded pipes.

Welded pipes are usually lighter than seamless pipes. They also have larger and more consistent tolerances in wall thickness. Unlike seamless pipes, which are not always consistent, many innovations in the industry have strengthened welding more than previously known. Both are tubes of sufficient strength. Just select the tube that works best for your project.

Corrosion resistance

Most customers are worried about the dirt that can get into the tube. This is why Seamless Pipe in Pakistan are sometimes chosen over welded pipes. Welding is thought to reduce the wear resistance of the product and create more dimensional tolerances than necessary because there are no seams that can cause weakness or corrosion, but when manufacturing ERW tubes, soldering is a good idea. It doesn’t matter.


The two types of steel pipes described here can be used in various industries. Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan, which can vary according to strength and benefits, have unique properties such as even distribution of weight. Strong against high temperature and high pressure. It means that it can be used in industries such as chemical plants and hydraulic parts. Similar to nuclear power plants, waterworks, medical devices oil and gas pipes and other uses

Welded pipes, on the other hand, are in demand because they are cost-effective and can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and lengths. Some of the industries that will benefit from this include architecture and aerospace. Food and beverage processing, automobiles, construction, etc.

Takeaway key

The debate between seamless pipes and welded pipes is a continuous debate as everyone’s needs are unique and change daily. The answer to a better question depends on your needs. Before deciding, take a look at the article again to see what works best for your project.

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