Which Mop to Adopt for The Maintenance of Your Floors?

Household chores are an integral part of our daily rituals. Among our essentials, the broom equipped with a damp mop is essential to perfect the maintenance of the floors. It is he who allows us to overcome encrusted dirt. But how do you choose from so many different models? Which device is right for you Read More Schlüsselnotdienst Ingolstadt

Choose the mop model that suits your needs

The mop is presented as a piece of household equipment that allows you to rub dirt on the floor with water or even a cleaning product.

Different categories of models are available to you:

● The classic:

It is designed with a handle fitted with a head made up either of fringes or of a mop, rectangular or round in shape. You will find devices complete with a bucket designed to facilitate the handling of the broom. When it has wheels, you can move it around effortlessly. A pouring spout, as well as a lid, are practical for emptying the container and handling it without splashing. Your bucket is ideally equipped with a spinner tray adapted to its shape and securely attached to it. It is then no longer necessary to bend down and constantly have your hands in contact with the water.

● The broom with integrated water tank:

You only handle one utensil, the bucket stays in the cupboard. With this type of model, you use cold water, so your fragile floors are preserved. A trigger located at the level of the handle allows you to activate the water spray system, according to the desired quantity.

● The electric mop:

It effectively removes stains on the floor without the slightest effort. It has a vibrating head or a rotating system. The wireless model has the advantage of not having to drag a cable behind you. Take care of the autonomy of your accessory. Li-ion batteries are the most efficient and offer up to 50 minutes of use. The charging time also differs depending on the model: it varies from 3 to 6 hours. For the corded broom, think about the ideal length of the electric cable so as not to have to constantly reconnect it. A notable advantage of this model, you do not have to worry about charging the battery when you have finished maintaining your floors.

Do not neglect the comfort of use for your mop

The purpose of mops is to facilitate household chores. For this, the device must prove to be practical and handy. Some elements adapt more to your needs, depending on the dedicated use.

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The handle of your broom is made of plastic or steel. The latter will be more robust over time. A telescopic handle lets you clean under furniture without bending over and causing back pain. Some are also 90 degrees foldable, accompanied by a 360-degree swivel head, for easy access to difficult places.

Also, find out about the weight of your item: the heavier it is, the more tedious your household chores will seem. If you have to frequently lift your broom, and what’s more on the stairs, then choose a model weighing less than 3 kg.

The articles are supplied with different types of mops. Those in microfiber are easy to maintain in the washing machine and adapt to all types of floors. Some manufacturers provide two pads: one softer, for delicate floors, and the other for scrubbing.

Maintaining your household utensils

Remember that you also need to clean your mop. With this in mind, a model with a removable head is easier to wash than a fixed system. Last tip? Prefer an appliance equipped with an anti-limestone filter: scale deposits could damage your equipment.

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