Wordle Alternatives

If Wordle is too easy for you, try Absurdle; an unapologetic clone which challenges players to guess five-letter words within six or fewer guesses – making for an impressive challenge that requires different strategies from Sarlacc.

If you want more Wordle, Qourdle may be for you – two grids at once with three extra chances for guessing each one, plus there is also a free practice mode!


Wordle is an immensely popular online phenomenon that has attracted numerous imitators. While some are simply monetised rip-offs, others have taken Wordle and applied their own twist – including Absurdle which offers an adversarial variant.

Similar to Wordle, Absurdle starts out as an empty slate and responds based on your input. Each time you make a guess, the system provides feedback: each letter in a word is colored: gray indicates it does not belong in the secret word; yellow stands out because it was placed out-of-place while green indicates that its placement was exactly right.


Wordle took the internet by storm, and its phenomenal success has inspired numerous variations and spin-offs offering different challenges and themes. Mathler is focused around science while Worldle and Poeltl test your geography knowledge; more recently there’s SWordle from Aurebesh Files which offers Star Wars fans an amazing challenge that they may find hard.

This game provides players with six chances to guess a five-letter word and offers feedback. Any letters not used in the word are shown as gray while correct letters are highlighted green. Furthermore, an optional hint button becomes active after three unsuccessful tries.

Hello Wordl

Wordle, first introduced by Josh Wardle, has quickly become one of the most beloved online word games since its introduction. Players must attempt to guess a five-letter mystery word within six attempts using color-coded hints: green indicates inclusion within final answer; yellow means inclusion but not in correct position; while gray represents no connection at all between letter and answer.

Hello Wordl is an upgraded version of Wordle, offering players more features than its counterpart. For instance, its Random mode enables infinite playback while offering modes with four to eleven characters per word.


Heardle takes Wordle’s concept and transforms it into a music-based game, asking users to listen to short clips of songs and guess the artist and title in six tries or less. You can play either alone or with others and there’s even an add-on feature that gives extra audio each time someone guesses correctly! The game features both solo play as well as multiplayer multiplayer options, featuring a skip button so each time players guess correctly they get an additional second of audio playback!

Winning at Heardle can help players expand their musical vocabulary and knowledge. Players can also become acquainted with new artists and songs through Heardle; results can then be shared across social media platforms. Heardle features genres and styles including pop, rock and hip-hop for added variety!


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Wordle’s unprecedented success has inspired numerous spinoffs. One such game is Nerdle, developed by British data scientist Richard Mann in response to his 14-year-old daughter’s request for something comparable.

Nerdle operates similarly to Wordle, with players filling eight or six grey tiles instead of just two five-letter ones. Users are then free to share their results and earn extra lives for correct guesses – although incorrect guesses could cost players their lives or lead other players directly to find answers faster than they could themselves.