X-Man Designs Magnetic Speedcubes

Xman Designs’ line of premium magnetic flagship speedcubes delivers unparalleled performance and customization options, featuring stickerless black internals with red magnets to give them a striking aesthetic that encourages you to push past boundaries.

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X-Man Flare 2×2 M

The X-Man Flare 2×2 M from QiYi subbrand X-Man Design is an innovative new magnetic speed cube featuring adjustable magnets that enable users to quickly toggle between three magnetic settings – Light, Moderate and Strong. Featuring excellent corner cutting with its innovative new design and lightning fast turning feel. Coated in glossy paint to provide enhanced grip.

The X-Man Flare 2×2 comes in Black or Stickerless versions for maximum flexibility.

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X-Man Flare 2×2 DLX is the first mass-produced cube with a customizable magnetic system, featuring adjustable switches in green, red, and white pieces to provide three magnetic settings – weak, moderate, and strong – as well as providing exceptional corner cutting performance and amazing turning feel. As one of the best and most comfortable cubes available today.

X-Man Flare 3×3 M

The X-Man Flare 3×3 M is the magnetic flagship cube from QiYi subbrand X-Man Design. Featuring an advanced internal structure designed to reduce lockups and facilitate smoother turning, as well as adjustable switches enabling effortless customization between three magnetic settings (Light, Moderate and Strong) depending on where they’re positioned on its sides, this speedcube has everything it needs for smooth performance.

Its result is an easily controlled and fast cube with a buttery feel that challenges you to push even faster. Premium quality primary internals ensure excellent stability, while anti-stick tracks on edge and corner pieces offer frictionless rotation – creating a cube which will astound you both with its performance and value.

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The X-Man Flare 2×2 M is the inaugural magnetic flagship 2×2 from QiYi subbrand x-man designs. Using its innovative internal structure with unique features to increase consistency and enable faster times, this speedcube also marks a first in featuring adjustable magnets; via switches in red, green and white pieces it offers full magnetic settings from light to strong with just one corner adjustment.

X-Man Flare 4×4 M

The X-Man Flare 4×4 M is the premier magnetic speedcube from QiYi subbrand X-Man Design. As the first 2×2 to offer adjustable magnets with convenient switches located on its red, green and white pieces for effortless customization of three distinct magnetic settings (light, moderate and strong), this speedcube stands out among competitors as an industry benchmark.

The Flare boasts an internal structure featuring unique design elements to improve corner cutting and provide a smooth turning feel, along with adjustable magnets that can help cubers set new personal bests. These features combined make this cube an excellent option for cubers seeking new personal bests.

Note: Please keep in mind this item is a pre-order and won’t ship immediately. Below is our estimated ship date; this can change at any time as our fulfillment centre processes orders individually. We will notify you if your shipment is delayed or split into separate shipments if applicable – thank you for being part of our community! The Flare will come available both black and stickerless versions – thanks for being part of it all!

X-Man Flare 5×5 M

The X-Man Flare 5×5 M magnetic speedcube from QiYi subbrand X-Man Design is the newest flagship speedcube from their QiYi sub-brand, featuring premium quality materials and an intuitive turning style to achieve faster times out of the box. Fast and solid out of the box, with fast turns per minute out of the box with good stability for faster times!

The Flare is also the first magnetic 2×2 with adjustable magnets. By simply changing the positions of its switches in red, green, and white parts you can access three distinct magnetic settings (Light, Moderate, Strong). This innovative feature gives you complete flexibility in customizing the cube to meet your exact specifications.

The Flare magnetic 4×4 offers premium internals and anti-stick tracks on edge and corner pieces, making it the ideal choice for anyone seeking an attractive yet reliable magnetic 4×4. A true powerhouse that will push their personal records further!