Know Everything About Zeon Zoysia Installation in Spring

There can be several serious installation issues; the most important is that you selected the wrong season. Sometimes homeowners can select the winter season but the problem is that the weather is too cold and wet because of the snow and ice. A few individuals think that summer can be selected because the weather is dry. They forget that the extreme heat will cause the Zeon Zoysia will wither quickly.

Reasons for Laying Zeon Zoysia in Spring

According to sod grass installation experts, spring is the best season for laying the sod grass. they will give the following reasons for choosing the spring for installation.

  1.       The soil temperature in spring is warm enough for new roots to take hold and start growing.
  2.       Spring typically brings consistent moisture, which is essential for the establishment of new sod.
  3.       The rainfall in spring can help keep the sod hydrated, reducing the need for frequent watering and saving water.
  4.       Mild temperatures in spring are ideal for the establishment of sod, as they won’t cause heat stress and allow the Zeon Zoysia sod to grow quickly.

Steps Taken for Centipede sod and Zeon Zoysia Establishment

Although spring is the best season for sod grass, homeowners can make mistakes like they could forget the sequence of the installation steps. So, it is important to hire sod grass installers, so that they can install the grass in the right way. They will follow these steps to complete the process.

Have a Well-Defined Installation Plan

The first step taken is all steps discussed in the below points will be written down. The benefit of listing down the plan is that the steps are remembered and minor details could be added. This will save time on haphazardly searching for information because everything will be mentioned on the list.

Measurement of the Area

The next step taken by Centipede sod installers is to measure the area in which the sod grass will be laid. They have the right tools to properly measure the land. Each team member will measure on their own and compare them.

Choosing The Appropriate Sod Grass

There are several factors that the installation team should consider before finalizing the order. These factors include the weather of the area, the soil properties, the sunlight reaching the grass, and the level of maintenance the owners can uphold.

Getting the Soil Ready is Also Important

Often people want to prepare the soil themselves because they want to participate in the whole procedure. Sometimes they are unsuccessful because they don’t have the tools and don’t possess the skills to clear the ground. The only solution is to hire the installation services of companies like Atlanta Sod Farms. The staff has the right tools and is aware of the appropriate methods for clearing debris, rubbles, weeds, and leaves from the ground. The roots will grip the soil properly.

Buying the Zeon Zoysia and Centipede Grass Sod

The ground must be prepared till the day before the sod grass arrives.  The reason to plan it is that grass rolls will wither away after twenty-four hours. So, it is important to immediately install the grass with the help of professionals. The grass should be laid properly. The rolls must be laid from the edges and make your way to the middle. Then focus on the best time to lay the sod which is spring because the weather is moderate and the grass will grow beautifully. After installation, homeowners should ensure that the grass rolls have gripped the soil before mowing the lawn.

Understanding the Maintenance Level Required

During the establishment period, the Zeon Zoysia sod grass should be watered daily and sometimes twice a day. But after it has been fully established, you can water the grass once a week. The same time duration is for mowing or you can cut the grass when it reaches the desired height between two to four inches. It should also be understood that fertilizer must be applied once or twice a year.

These are the reasons and steps for applying the Zeon Zoysia sod grass during the spring.

Below are three questions to help you understand the sod grass installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best season to plant sod?

According to Zeon Zoysia experts, spring is the best season because the weather is moderate as hot summer days might burn the grass or make it wither away. The excess rainfall will be a great source of water. The roots will quickly grip the soil, thus shortening the establishment period.

What time of day is best to water the sod?

During the establishment period, the sod grass should be watered daily, twice in the morning and evening when the temperatures are mildest. The same time must be followed after the roots of the grass have gripped the ground, but water should be applied once a week.

How long does it take sod to root in spring?

The newly-planted roots of the sod grass should take grip within fourteen days of its installation during the spring season.

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